Fans Get Inked at Star Wars Celebration V Team | August 31, 2010

Photos: Jenny Elwick

For the first time at Star Wars Celebration, fans got a rare chance to be tattooed during the show by a talented group of artists. chats with tattoo pavilion co-organizer and The Force in the Flesh author Shane Turgeon about the live tattooing that happened during Celebration V.

This is the first time we’ve had live Star Wars tattooing at a Celebration. How was the overall reaction from fans getting tattoos and lurking about wishing they got tattoos?

The reaction to the Tattoo Pavilion was overwhelming and both myself and my co-host Marc Draven were really pleased. People were really excited to get tattooed or to experience the area without getting tattooed themselves.

I heard or overheard from numerous people that the Tattoo Pavilion was the most interesting thing at Celebration this year and while I’m not sure I can agree (there was soooo much cool stuff to see and do) it’s great to receive that sort of feedback.

What was the most unusual Star Wars tattoo given at the convention?

My friend Chris Botkins got what was, in my opinion, the best and most unusual Star Wars tattoo. It’s pretty obscure. Only the most hardcore of vintage prototype collectors would understand but here’s the story.

When Chris started dating his now wife, Amy, she bought him a dynacast hard copy Rebel Commando head for his focus. Now unless you’re down with the prototype lingo, you might not have any idea what I just said. In a nutshell, a hard copy is an early prototype stage where a resin cast is made from the original wax sculpt.

A number of different resin compounds were used during the vintage era to make hard copies but arguably, the most desirable and visually striking, is dynacast. It’s a beautiful green compound that really stands out. So, in tribute to his wife, his Rebel Commando focus collection and his love of prototypes, Chris had Heather Maranda tattoo the deep green dynacast head against a background of bright oranges and reds along with a banner for his wife reading True Love. Epic.

Who were the tattoo artists in attendance and where do they hail from?

There were over 20 artists in attendance. Many were from the surrounding area but other came from as far away as Canada, Mexico and England.

The full list is:

What was your most memorable moment of the live tattoo area during Celebration?

There were a few. I think it would be a toss up between seeing vintage action figure tattoos being done and having some of our friends like Ray Park and Amy Allen walk through and check the action out.

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