Hasbro Discusses New Vintage Line Action Figures

StarWars.com Team | August 30, 2010

IGN Comics ran an in-depth interview today with Hasbro’s Vice President of Marketing, Derryl Depriest, about Hasbro’s new vintage line figures, which will include prequel characters packaged on the classic-style cardbacks familiar to collectors of the ‘70s and ‘80s line. Here’s an excerpt:

Depriest: “What makes the new series different is that this time, it is not limited. The series is open-ended and is planned to run for at least two years, pending fan acceptance. In addition, rather than staying true to updates of the original Kenner series, we are introducing figures from the Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I-III) just as if the original Kenner line had never stopped. Once folks see characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous and Commander Cody they will truly understand the nostalgic power that this black and silver line really has; it’s as if Kenner has been making Star Wars figures continuously for the past 32 years!”

Check out the full interview at IGN Comics!

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