Bounty Hunter Sitcoms Twitter Meme Team | August 30, 2010

(by TB5918)Last week on Twitter, Star Wars fans joined in on the #BountyHunterSitcoms hashtag to come up with some of the coolest comedies we wish really existed on the small screen.

Here’s a listing of some of our favorites:

Who’s the Bossk? – @TB5918 & @alexpardee
Boba Knows Best – @Kalethan
The Mighty Boushh – @chrisjallan
IG-88 is Enough – @DarkLordSidious
My Life as Boba – @TheLizAlliance
Slave(One)’d by the Bell – @electrikyle
Boba Meets World – @HVAdvertising
Seinfett – @MitchyD
How IG-88 Met Your Mother – @jhawver
The Fetts of Life – @jrsydevils
The Fresh Bossk of Bel Aire – @MuggyDelFreskoe
Dengar & Greg – @nerdrage42
Mandalorian in the Middle – @sengaeriel
The Golden Greedos – @astheniafreak
The Fettsons – @astheniafreak
Growing Up Greedo – @thatCSAguy
Everybody Loves Zuckuss – @BobWulff
The Big Bossk Theory – @BobWulff
Sanford & Slave-1 – @HVAdvertising
4-Lom, a girl and a pizza place – @LordPalpatine
4-Lom-y Ties – @Greg_Uebele
The IG-88 Crowd – @Barnfee

Have more to add? Post them in the comments below!

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(by Alex Pardee)


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