Speed Dating at Star Wars Celebration V

StarWars.com Team | August 15, 2010

Photo by Liz Lee

“Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love.” – Anakin Skywalker

On Thursday and Saturday at Star Wars Celebration V fans (and droids) had the chance to talk to a wide assortment of potential “love connections” all assembled in Orlando to express their love for Star Wars.

While fans agree on who shot first or whether Jar Jar should have been thrown in carbonite, they can at least find out whether the have the that certain chemistry that brings two hearts together.

On Thursday and Saturday at Star Wars Celebration fans (and droids!) were able to break the ice with potential suitors. StarWars.com chats with host Ryan Glitch about the ins and outs of speed dating and whether or not cupid took a break from the madness to bring fans looking for love together.

Why did you decide to have a Speed Dating event at Celebration V?

I submitted the idea on the Celebration website, and a few emails later between Mary Franklin, Lauren Sadowski, and Peter Tatarra, I was given a contract to run the event! I just thought it could be a great a great way give a little push to those who were looking for love in all the wrong cantinas!

How did this speed dating event work? What are the rules?

The speed dating event worked phenomenally! The rules are simple, you date as fast you as you can, get to know as much as you can, if you like them, you write down the dater’s ID number, and at the end, you will head to the tables and leave your contact info with only people that you liked, and you will get the lists of contact info that has been left for you! The rules are that during the date you cannot give
out personal contact info to the dater directly, you can’t give our your name during the dates.

Did anyone make a love connection?

I was told that 2 couples did commitment ceremonies after meeting at my event, and I
have seen 9 couples out and about that met at my event.

What tips do you have for fans who want to try speed dating

Be yourself!

Additional comments about the event?

It has been an absolute blast to run this event at CV and I Just want to thank Reed Exhibitions and Lucasfilm for allowing me to play in their sandbox.

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