The Sharks of Star Wars Team | August 3, 2010

In honor of Discovery Channel’s epic Shark Week, here’s a few of our favorite sharks mentioned in the Star Wars saga and Expanded Universe!


  • Emerald shark: An emerald shark was a type of shark found in Dubrillion Aquarium.
  • Firaxan shark: A fierce underwater creature that inhabited the seas of Manaan. They were extremely deadly and were known to attack anyone who dared to swim in their waters.
  • Frist shark: Marine predators from Trandosha. These animals had a row of six fang-like teeth, similar to, and compared to, the Bitthævrian race of Guiteica.
  • Ithorian razor sharks: Aquatic predators native to Ithor. This predatory fish lives in the oceans of Ithor, and has dagger-like teeth lining its large mouth.
  • Lambro sharks: Predatory fish whose flesh was considered a delicacy by many beings throughout the galaxy.
  • Swamp sharks: Meter-long predatory fish on Marca.

Droids & Vehicles Named After Sharks!

  • RH7 CardShark: A sabacc-dealing droid made by LeisureMech Enterprises.
  • Shark (starfighter): Commander Merai’s personal heavy starfighter during The Clone Wars. It was of Mon Calamari design.
  • Shark underwater fighter: An underwater vehicle employed by the Imperial Army for battle during the Second Imperial Civil War.

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