Helen Mirren Wants to Wear R2-D2 Costume

StarWars.com Team | August 2, 2010

Helen Mirren recently appeared at San Diego Comic-Con to promote her upcoming action film Red but told the press she would have dressed up more to blend in with fans if she thought ahead.

After seeing other celebrities who showed up to Comic-Con in costume, such as Will Ferrell who painted his face blue and wore a cape to look like his character Megamind, Mirren confessed she wished she had dressed up as none other than R2-D2.

“I wish I had dressed up now,” she said. “I could have come as R2-D2 because I liked him. He was cute. Or maybe I could dress as Harrison Ford — but that maybe isn’t the done thing,” she pondered.

Now THAT’S the droid we’re looking for!

SOURCE: MusicRooms.net

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