Comic-Con: Adrianne Curry & the Slave Leias Team | July 27, 2010

(Photo by Nicole Love)

It wouldn’t be San Diego Comic-Con without Slave Leias. Of course, this year at the annual Slave Leia photo op, the usual mayhem occurred. Who needs red carpet celebrities when you can see all the Slave Leias at the convention all in one spot?

The lovely ladies were out in full Force this year, complete with a supermodel addition of America’s Next Top Model winner and reality TV star Adrianne Curry. chats with Adrianne about her Comic-Con adventures dressed as Slave Leia.

(Photo by Nicole Love)

What was it like being part of the official Slave Leia group photo at this year’s Comic-Con?

I had a lot of fun. The ladies were all beautiful and sweet. I had a personal armed Mando escort to meet the ladies. It was surreal to be surrounded by 4 or 5 of them, pounding our way through the crowd to the Gentle Giant booth. No one stopped me for the first time that day. They kinda just looked on in awe. My friend Eliot led the pack and had me by my chain. Then all the Leias were escorted by the Mandos to our shoot. I think it’s funny how the most overplayed costume for girls at a con hasn’t even begun to lose its luster. Sadly, I had to bow out early, but for good reason. My panel was about to start. Again, I had an armored guard to my panel. Now I know if I ever want to be left alone, rely on a squadron of Mandos!

What’s it like wearing the costume around the convention? Is it uncomfortable? Drafty?

Well, I didn’t get to shop, or do much of anything other than take pictures with people. Of all my costumes, I got recognized the most in Slave Leia. I have worked non stop in the gym to ensure I could hold my head up high while walking in Carrie Fisher’s boots. The metal bikini is not comfortable. Drafty doesn’t even begin to describe it. I ended up wearing it to the Dusk Till Con party and into the wee hours of the night. I think I must have posed for over 3,000 photos all day!

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)

What is it about the Slave Leia costume that makes it such a fan favorite?

It is beautiful, plain and simple. Flowing silk and bronzed gold wrapping itself around the female form is a show stopper. I think hearts around the world skipped a beat the moment they laid eyes on Ms. Fisher in Jabba’s clutches. Hell, I think even Luke Skywalker forgot for a moment that it was his sister. We know it’s happened before. ;-)

(Photo by Nicole Love)

What was the funniest or weirdest moment you had while wearing the costume at this year’s Comic-Con?

I had a few, but my favorite was convincing fans that I was not me! People would yell my name and I wouldn’t turn or budge. I was in character. So they would resort to yelling “Leia!” and I would give them my full attention. “Wow, you even sound like Adrianne Curry” was one of the main responses I would get. Other than that, the only other weird moment was when a man decided he was going to pick me up, and reveal my ass to the entire convention. Thanks, guy! It pleased me to see him struggle keeping me up. I am a big girl and muscular, and am a lot heavier than I look!

You also dressed up in other awesome costumes like a TIE fighter pilot and Leeloo from Fifth Element. I imagine those costumes might be a bit more comfy?

Sunday I wore my version of a female TIE pilot without her chest piece and bucket (so kinda Imperial crew looking). I was shocked to find that my hard metal bikini was much more comfortable than leather and vinyl! Though my TIE didn’t get as much attention, it did get a lot of salutes and praise from the hardcore Star Wars fans. I almost have my Imperial crew done, and hope to have it finished by next month. All I gotta say is, Star Wars Celebration V, here I come!!!

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)

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