Comic-Con 2010: Kids Draw Star Wars Panel

Bonnie Burton | July 27, 2010

Every year at Comic-Con, we end our Star Wars programming with the “How to Draw Star Wars for Kids” panel. Star Wars artist Katie Cook and myself show kids (and adults) how to draw uber-cute versions of their favorite characters. It’s a great way for parents to sit down and relax with their younglings as they learn to draw and have some fun showing off their Star Wars knowledge.

Katie Cook’s artistic style is not only adorkable, but fun to recreate. Plus we always like audience participation and ask the young art students what kind of pets, food and activities they’d like to see Chewbacca and the gang do.

This year Katie showed kids how to make Darth Vader holding an umbrella, General Grievous eating a taco, a Jawa in love, Luke & Leia as roller disco stars, Chewbacca with his pet Han Solo, Yoda with a sparkly lightsaber and more.

The best part of the panel is at the end when we get to see the unique and fun variations the young fans did with their drawings. So this year, we ended the panel a little bit earlier so we could take photos of many of the kids with their masterpieces.

Below are some of our favorites:

Check out all the photos from the panel here:
Comic-Con 2010: Kids Draw Star Wars

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