Star Wars Fan Makes Cuddly Mini-Bantha Herd

Bonnie Burton | July 20, 2010

Crafty Star Wars fan Heather Arlan used our Cuddly Bantha craft tutorial on and customized the craft to make her own adorkable herd of mini banthas.

We chatted with her to find out how she did it and why it was so much fun!

Why did you decide to make a herd of cuddly mini banthas?
Who wouldn’t want a herd of cuddly mini banthas? It’d been a long time since I did any sort of arts and crafts project, so I figured I would find something fun to make that had to do with Star Wars and found your tutorial online! I had bought enough materials to make one a lot larger, but figured I would give the little one a shot first. Once I finished it, I couldn’t help but make another. I still have enough to make at least 3 more, and that’ll probably happen before the end of the week.

How did you make them?
I used tan and ivory colored felt, pipe cleaners inside the horns so they could bend, some pillow stuffing, a few buttons and some dark brown fake fur because that’s all I could find at the fabric store. I pretty much followed your instructions from the craft blog, but scaled them down so I only had to use one 9″ x 12″ piece of felt for each of the bodies. Everything is better in fun size. :-)

What advice do you want to give fans who want to make their own herd?
Definitely plan out what you’d like to make first and be sure to have all the materials to put it together. It’s sort of a bummer when you’re almost done and realize you forgot to get buttons so your banthas have no eyes.

What’s your next crafting project?
I can’t wait to make some more and maybe give them to friends who will love them as much as I do. Already thinking of what else I could make, maybe a cute n’ cuddly R2-D2?

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