R2-D2 Shout Out on Psych

StarWars.com Team | July 16, 2010

Psych is always chock full of pop culture references, so when Shawn and Gus find themselves caught between two rival Chinese Triad gangs as they search for a powerful businessman’s abducted daughter who knew amongst the ninja and Kung Fu pop culture jokes, there would be an awesome Star Wars reference!?

Psych: “Romeo and Juliet and Juliet”

(via Hulu.com – Reference at 32:27)

Detective Lassiter: “How sure are you?”

Shawn: “As sure as I am that the guy who just friended Gus online is not the guy who played R2-D2!”

Gus: “His name is Kenny Baker, Shawn.”

Shawn: “Fine, why would Kenny Baker want to be friends with you?”

Gus: “Why would Elvira want to be friends with you?”

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