Stumbling Upon Empire Strikes Back at Elstree Studios Team | June 25, 2010

With The Empire Strikes Back celebrating its 30th Anniversary, many of our Star Wars fans have been sharing their childhood memories of one of their favorite films of the saga.

Star Wars artist David Rabbitte sent us this awesome story of how as a kid he stumbled upon Elstree Studios when Empire was being made!

David writes:

I thought this may be an interesting article for – I hadn’t thought of this for years but recently remembered being as it is Empire‘s 30th anniversary.

My family went to visit my grandparents in Watford, England in 1979, and knowing that was the location of Elstree Studios where Empire Strikes Back was at that time being filmed, my grandfather drove my older brother and I to have a look at the studio.

We decided to go into the main office to have a look around. It was a small room, which I vaguely remember there was a Star Wars poster on the wall. My brother remembers also a stormtrooper helmet on display.

My grandfather asked the receptionist if it would be possible for us to have a look around, and she of course said she couldn’t allow it – but hey, we were there and had to ask!

We got a shot of us standing outside the building, also we decided to look around to see if we could spot anything from the outside.

We did see a smaller building with a sign saying “The Empire Strikes Back Wardrobe Dept.” I thought I could see some costumes hanging inside, though I couldn’t tell what they may be.

Although it was brief, it was a very cool moment to look back at!

Oh and my brother’s name (in the picture with me) is Mark. He’s a sci-fi and children’s books writer now, to which Star Wars had a big influence on him growing up.

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