mc chris Tours in Star Wars Style Team | June 25, 2010

photos by mc chris

It’s no secret that rapper mc chris is a big fan of Star Wars. In fact, as a youngling he used to nap with R2-D2!

So when mc chris goes on tour, there’s bound to be stormtroopers close by. If you can’t see him sing in person, you can pretend to be a part of his Imperial entourage as he posts updates on Twitter.

He also posts photos of the 501st Legion stormtroopers, fellow Star Wars fans wearing Force fashions, Star Wars collectibles and comics!

Check out some of our favorite photos from mc chris’ tour!

Best photo booth photo ever!

This costume is a trap!

Star Wars T-shirts FTW!

Two-part Star Wars T-shirts!

While in Vegas, mc chris takes a gamble with the dark side!

I just called to say, “Yub Nub.”

While on tour, mc chris catches up on his Dark Horse comics.

Be sure to visit the official mc chris site to see when he’ll be visiting your town!

Don’t forget to follow mc chris around on his adventures via Twitter!

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