Hasbro Comic Two-Packs for 2010

StarWars.com Team | February 16, 2010

Before heading back to the Toy Fair floor today, we wanted to share a couple upcoming releases that were attached to the tail-end of Hasbro’s Star Wars presentation last weekend, but weren’t on display in their showroom (at least we don’t think they were — we’ll have to check our photos).

As a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year, the Darth Maul and Owen Lars Comic 2-Pack will be available with a reprint of a Star Wars: Visionaries comic. These will also be available through Hasbro’s site and StarWarsShop.com.

For Celebration V in August, a second comic 2-pack including Camie and Fixer from the Star Wars: Empire comic (and the cut Tatooine scenes from A New Hope) will be available, also through Hasbro and StarWarsShop. Could a womp rat be far behind?

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