Uncle Milton’s 2010 Star Wars Line at Toy Fair

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Uncle Milton brought no shortage of cool new Star Wars-related toys to Toy Fair, including the Remote Controlled Lightsaber Room Light, which mounts to your wall and features over seven color effects; the Holographic Animation Lab, which allows junior animators to use pre-printed or original drawings to generate an animation effect much like the Victorian-era praxinoscope; the Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab, which allows builders to construct a mini version of the weapon of a Jedi Knight, with four “crystals” to determine blade color as well as other optics; the Death Star Planetarium, which projects our own Milky Way galaxy on the ceiling or a map of the Star Wars galaxy; a Clone Trooper Recon Kit, or bug collector, which includes a viewer, soil sifter, magnifier, and more; and the Geonosis and Felucia Clone Wars Ant Farms, themed to those to planet locales.

Check out the full set of images at Flickr, and note the final packaging this fall will reflect the new blue “clone and sky” look, not the red deco shown in the photos. Be sure to check out our entire Toy Fair image series here.

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