Phil Lamarr Talks Clone Wars Team | February 10, 2010

Voice actor Phil Lamarr recently spoke with Newsarama who wanted to know the latest about his work on the upcoming new season of Futurama, as well as any hints at what’s to come on this season of The Clone Wars.

Nrama: So what’s going on with Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Lamarr: Well…

Nrama: Anything you’re allowed to tell me?

Lamarr: [laughs] Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, because they’re serious about their non-disclosure. We don’t get to keep the scripts. Like, if you forget to bring it…they send you a script at home and you bring it back. One time I forgot my script at home, and they said, ‘Here. This is a FedEx packet. When you get home, put it in this and send it.’ They’re not messing around.

But we’re having a lot of fun on Clone Wars. Now, what can I tell you? The new season has a shift. The stuff that Dave Filoni is doing…he’s taking it to a slightly darker place, because we’re heading towards the third movie, where things get bad. And this is paving the way.

Specifics? A lot of senate intrigue, which is good for me, because I’m playing Bail Organa. [laughs] But Dave is smart enough to know…nobody wants to see senate votes. So he’s really taking those issues and personalizing it to Padme (Catherine Taber), and giving them action elements as well.

Nrama: One of the things I asked Dave before the show started was, how do you take a kid’s cartoon and make it get darker…I mean, your main character Anakin (Matt Lanter) is going to be one of the classic all time villains. He has these relationships with other characters, like Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein)…

Lamarr: Right! And what happens to Ahsoka? That’s the huge question. She’s not in the movie!

Nrama: I know! Is she sent away? Does she die? Does she disappear?

Lamarr: He’s never told us.

Nrama: You guys have no idea? I wonder if he knows.

Lamarr: I don’t know. I feel like he does. I think they have an idea.

Nrama: But not knowing how many seasons you’re going to do…it’s got to be difficult to pace.

Lamarr: Right. Well, they’ve also flashed back a little bit. That is part of it. Because, yeah, you do have a finite amount of time to cover. So some of the stories have gone back and some of them continue to march forward.

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