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Shogun Stormtrooper Travels Back to the ‘70s

| December 22, 2010 recently posted a great set of photos that magically capture the retro-inspired Super Shogun Stormtrooper toy in settings decades before its release. Well, “magically” if you’ve never heard of Photoshop.

From Wired:

In Super7’s Christmas-themed ad campaign, the 2-foot-tall toy — which is a mashup of classic Star Wars action figures and vintage Japanese Shogun Warriors robots — makes an appearance in a series of warm-and-fuzzy photos supplied by Star Wars fans. The images pack the same vintage vibe as the “lost” ’70s-style Stormtrooper Super Shogun TV commercial that Super7 produced earlier this year.

For the postcard series, photographer D. Martin Myatt, who also works at, asked fans from the collectibles site to donate actual ’70s and ’80s photos of themselves holding Star Wars toys. (The names used on the cards are the names of people in the pictures.) With a little Photoshop magic, the Stormtrooper Super Shogun became a part of the memories.

Check out the pseudo-retro Shogun goodness at

Super 7 is also hosting a charity auction that will award the winning bidder a SUPER SHOGUN STORMTROOPER Engineering Test Prototype – get the details here.

Jedi Starfighter Bed Team | December 20, 2010

Sweet dreams are yours in this impressive Jedi Starfighter Bed!

More info here:
Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural

Yoda Christmas Cake

Bonnie Burton | December 20, 2010

Check out this awesome Force-tastic Star Wars Christmas cake made by Tara from Cloud Nine Confections in North Vancouver, BC.

My favorite thing about this cake is Yoda. In Star Wars, Yoda is always shown as being very old. I love the image of Yoda as a kid, standing by his Christmas Tree, waiting impatiently for Santa Claus. I almost feel sorry for Santa! He better give Yoda everything he asked for or Yoda has a present (aka his lightsaber) ready for Santa.

Read more about this awesome cake here:
Between the Edges

SOURCE: TheForce.Net

Mondo Star Wars Prints by Olly Moss Team | December 19, 2010

“Return of the Jedi” print by Olly Moss

Collectors and fans who’d like to add something a little different to their Star Wars art collection should check out this new series of art prints from Mondo.

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique, featuring designs from world famous artists based on licenses for popular TV and movie properties including Star Wars, Star Trek and Universal Monsters.

These prints are VERY limited in run and are snatched up by collectors quickly, selling out in mere minutes. So if you want to know which prints are on sale and when, follow MondoNews on Twitter!

Here’s the most recent print Original Trilogy Prints by Olly Moss — 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Each has an edition of 400. These prints go on sale Monday, Dec. 20, 2010.

Olly Moss tells Wired:

“It was so intimidating! There is such a wealth of great Star Wars art out there already, from paid professionals and from enthusiastic fans. I suppose my main aim was to make a set of Star Wars posters that were a little different from what people are used to seeing from the franchise, but still retained that essential Star Wars feel. I started by re-watching the original movies with a sketchbook on my lap, and just sort of went from there.”

“Star Wars” print by Olly Moss

“The Empire Strikes Back” print by Olly Moss


Tron’s “Rinzler” Has Lucasfilm Connection

| December 17, 2010

With Tron: Legacy opening wide today, we thought we’d share a little-known Lucasfilm connection to one of the film’s characters recently revealed by director Joseph Kosinski in a visit to LFL’s Presidio headquarters. Rinzler, a character introduced early on as one of the film’s chief villains, was apparently named after Lucasfilm Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler, author of several books including The Making of Star Wars, The Complete Making of Indiana Jones, and the recent Making of The Empire Strikes Back, among others.

“Friends told me about the fact that there’s this character Rinzler in the new Tron movie,” says Rinzler. “So I went online to see if I could figure out where they got the name. But I couldn’t find anything. There aren’t many Rinzlers in the States and it’s not a name that means anything, as far as I know… Then when Joe Kosinski came as a guest speaker I was actually on my way to the event before I realized this might be a chance to ask him. So I waited till after the q-and-a, went down to the front, and said I had a strange question but had to ask where he got the name, or where the writers got the name. And he said that he was sitting with the two writers working, and there was a book on the table ‘a Making of’ he said… ‘Oh yeah, it was Making of Star Wars by someone named Rinzler.’ So I said ‘that’s me’, thanked him, shook his hand and said I had to go out and buy a few action figures — needless to say, my kids are thrilled.”

Check out the official Tron: Legacy website here.

Clone Wars Screening Recap: San Francisco Team | December 15, 2010

A clone trooper checks in at Lucasfilm HQ.

Last week fans flocked to digital theaters for a very exclusive screening on the big screen of an all-new Clone Wars villain –- the monstrous Savage Opress!

The Clone Wars screenings began in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre with the voice actors, director Dave Filoni and writer Katie Lucas in attendance, along with celeb Clone Wars fans.

Screenings continued in Seattle, NYC, Philly, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, among others.

Cast, crew and fans alike came out in full Force at Lucasfilm’s Presidio headquarters in the San Francisco to watch this epic screening of The Clone Wars introducing Savage Opress. was there to report and live tweet the event. Check out the article below for quotes from Clone Wars actor Daniel Logan, CG/FX/Lighting Supervisor Joel Aron, and more!

Joel Aron has some fun with the 501st.

Why is this story arc amazing to see on a big screen?

Joel Aron: We work on it cinematically. When you’re watching it on television you’re actually seeing just a crop of what we’re doing. Every little inch of the screen we think about — the lighting, the composition, the balance, the shapes, etc. To see it on a big screen you actually feel the cinematic pulse of the show. It’s very different when you watch it at home.

Supervising Director Dave Filoni, voice actor/sound editor Matthew Wood, and CG/FX/Lighting Supervisor Joel Aron.

Why do you think fans will get a kick out of this story arc in particular?

Joel Aron: We’re introducing a character that hasn’t been seen on the show before, and it’s a direct tie to the feature films. When that happens people automatically start to associate. There’s something connecting us to Star Wars here. And you’re seeing a long thread. In the past on the show, we’ve had just little segments, but now we’re getting an entire story arc. We have three episodes that are so seamless, you don’t even realize they’re separate episodes.

Why is it important for you to watch something like this with the fans?

Joel Aron: You get to hear what they really like, and what they react to. What Dave [Filoni] and I both do is we listen to what everybody tells us and we put it back into the show. Everything that happened at Celebration V — all the conversations — the fans really drive us to do more.


Century-Old Rescue Masks from a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Pete Vilmur | December 15, 2010

Recently, Collectors Weekly posted a pair of striking century-old “rescue masks” that share a passing resemblance to our favorite Sith Lord and protocol droid. Undoubtedly a coincidence — concept designer Ralph McQuarrie’s designs and inspirations for the pair have been well documented – their Star Wars steampunk look is amusingly effective.

From the article:

This pair of early rescue masks, shown above, dates from between the mid-1800s and World War I. They look a bit familiar, right? Almost 100 years before Darth Vader and C-3PO hit the big screen in “Star Wars” in 1977, these two smoke helmets were worn by firefighters carrying out rescues in smoke-logged buildings. The buzz among collectors is that George Lucas’s designers must have found inspiration in these smoke helmets and others like them. In fact, one well-known 19th-century manufacturer was named Vajen-Bader—you could easily get the name Vader from that.

For a measure of symmetry, we’re sharing an image from Steve Sansweet’s Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles book of two post-Star Wars knock-off water game heads from a New Jersey Shore arcade. Looks like Star Wars-inspired faces can be found on both sides of 1977 if you look hard enough.

Clone Wars Screening Recap: Phoenix & Atlanta Team | December 14, 2010

This young fan awaits Savage in Phoenix!

This week fans flocked to digital theaters for a very exclusive screening on the big screen of an all-new Clone Wars villain –- the monstrous Savage Opress!

The Clone Wars screenings began in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre with the voice actors, director Dave Filoni and writer Katie Lucas in attendance, along with celeb Clone Wars fans.

Screenings continued in Seattle, NYC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and San Francisco, among others.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite fan-submitted photos from the Phoenix and Atlanta screenings!

As always, R2-D2 is a hit with the younglings in Phoenix.

..and with the ladies in Atlanta.


Vader Wants To Be Facebook Frenemies! Team | December 14, 2010

The Facebook friends icon just got a lot creepier.

SOURCE: Eject blog

Giant Snow R2-D2! Team | December 14, 2010

This may be the coolest snow-astromech ever built.
Well done, young padawan.