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Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake!

Bonnie Burton | October 23, 2009

(501st Great Lakes Garrison troopers – Jon Leopold and Craig Provine guard the Tauntaun cake!)

(Photos by mod4)

Star Wars artist Chris Trevas let us know of this glorious Tauntaun cake for his wedding!

Julie and I had Courtney Clark from Cake Nouveau of Food Network Challenge (and TLC Ultimate Cake-Off) fame do our wedding cakes including a special cake request from me — Luke Skywalker stuffed inside a dead Tauntaun!

It was certainly one of the talks of the wedding evening. Older relatives were a bit confused, but the kids and our friends loved it!


“If Only You’d Attached My Legs, I Wouldn’t Be In This Ridiculous Position” Team | October 22, 2009

Whatever points this Brooklyn Star Wars fans gets for out-of-the-box thinking might be offset by his tact. Also, this post has been removed from Craigslist, so we’re left to wonder if he was successful or not. Click on the image below to enlarge. (via Buzzfeed).


Happy Birthday, Princess! Team | October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to our favorite sassy princess, Carrie Fisher!

You can find her on Twitter here.

The Empire Kicks Back: Star Wars Shoe Craft Team | October 20, 2009

Crafty Star Wars fan Damian Dayton literally walks the fanboy talk by customizing his shoes to show off his love for the characters living in a galaxy far, far away. chats with him about why he likes to transform ordinary kicks into shoes worthy of an Empire.

Why do you like giving shoes a Star Wars makeover?

Ever since I was little I knew that Star Was was cooler than me. By putting some Star Wars on shoes, I thought that a little bit of the Force might just rub off on me. Truthfully, I just like to draw, and drawing on shoes allows me to customize my life a little bit.

Doing shoes for friends allows me to have encouragement to create art, or at least craft. I try to capture a little bit of their personalities in the work I do and I have a lot of friends that like Star Wars. My brothers are big fans and my best friend Adam knows every single creature in the Star Wars universe (and I think he speaks a few languages). So it was just a matter of time.

Why do you think Star Wars shoes are cooler than the usual kicks?

Anything is at least 12%-15% cooler with Star Wars stuff on it (with the exception of Jar Jar Binks, maybe). Consider the Slanket, unless you want to look like a wizard who got dressed in the dark, it is a horrible, horrible idea. Now if that Slanket had a picture of Boba Fett playing an electric guitar, or a screen print of Jabba the Hutt (complete with Salacious Crumb), I’d be like “Oh, where can I get one of those!”


What Halloween Costumes Say About You

Bonnie Burton | October 20, 2009

Before you decide to don that homemade sexy Ewok costume, or dress up as a Bacon Jedi (best of both worlds really), take a moment to think what kind of message you’re sending to friends, family, co-workers and strangers who see you walking across the street.

A.V. Club offers some insight on what your costume says about you.

Piling on enough costume and make-up to make yourself unrecognizable to your own parents, you’re free to act with social impunity. But as you’re strutting around wearing little more than underwear and angel wings, or rocking the look of a celebrity before the ink on his or her death certificate is even dry, remember that dressing up and acting out might betray more about your personality than your day-to-day behavior does.

New parents out with baby
Having your first child can often be seen as an opportunity to start reliving your youth, plus it is likely the first time you have a companion small enough to effectively wear a Yoda costume.

What you think it says about you: “Halloween was a magical part of our childhoods and we couldn’t wait to share it with our son or daughter.”

What it actually says: “Even though we are both only 24 years old, we are both getting used to spending this otherwise fun holiday changing a tiny Chewbacca’s diapers.”

Read full article here:
The A.V. Club psychoanalyzes your Halloween costume ideas
(via A.V. Club)

Rare Star Wars PSA Behind the Scenes Video

Pete Vilmur | October 19, 2009

psa readers may remember our interview with Peter Shillingford, who directed the 1977 childhood immunization public service announcement ad that aired shortly after the release of A New Hope. As it seems a lot of archival home-made movies have been making their way online lately (see the 1976 ILM home movie here), we thought we’d share another recent discovery reportedly posted by the grandson or granddaughter of the Star Wars PSA’s producer. From poster “sowtime444”:

This was shot by my grandparents in England. There is no sound. My grandfather worked for the Kennedy Foundation and produced the Star Wars commercials. He was a talented writer, among other things. He is the one with the orange-red vest on.

The footage reveals over five minutes of the goings-on behind the scenes on the commercial shoot, which starred both Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Kenny Baker as R2-D2. Director Peter Shillingford is the chap in the blue sweater.

Watch Video: 1977 Star Wars PSA Behind the Scenes

Also, check out the original commercial here.

Get Fuzzy: Canada’s Star Wars Makeover! Team | October 19, 2009

The comic Get Fuzzy (by Darby Conley) contemplates how tourism would improve if Canada went through a Star Wars makeover. They might be on to something! Anyone want to road trip to Torontooine or Newfoundlando?

READ COMIC: Get Fuzzy: Star Wars Canada Map

(Thanks for the tip, Michelle Snow!)

Max Records Used the Force in His Audition Team | October 19, 2009

Max Records, star of the movie Where the Wild Things Are, drops some Star Wars references about his audition with director Spike Jonze into his interview with Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show.

Max: “The final audition was probably the strangest that was with Spike here in LA. During which he shot foam bullets at me which I tried to block with an umbrella like a lightsaber.”

Conan: “But that’s not in the movie!”

Max: “You don’t understand, Max has to have awesome Force powers.”

WATCH VIDEO: Max Records on The Tonight Show

How to Roar Like Chewbacca Team | October 16, 2009

Some crucial skills in life never seem to be taught in schools. Case it point — the Wookiee roar. Now thanks to these step-by-step instructions by this lovely Star Wars fan, you too can chitchat like Chewbacca in no time.

WATCH VIDEO: How to Make the Chewbacca Noise

Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding: U2 vs. R2-D2

Bonnie Burton | October 16, 2009

As an added part of the BBC celeb music game show Nevermind the Buzzcocks, team leaders and comedians Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding debate a music topic after every episode. This time it’s a debate pitting super-band U2′s The Edge versus super-astromech R2-D2!

“Into the Sarlaac pit with the pair of them!”

WATCH VIDEO: Noel Fielding & Phill Jupitus: U2 vs R2-D2 (via BBC)