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We Go Way Back (to 1971), Lando and Me

Pete Vilmur | November 19, 2009

han and lando

Good ol’ Han and Lando, bosom buddies of the Star Wars saga. They shared a past, a ship, and a scoundrel disposition. What you may not have known is that they also shared an episode of a little-known TV show from 1971 called “Dan August,” starring Burt Reynolds.

Snooping around recently, we discovered actors Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams had actually been cast together for an episode of the crime teledrama (titled “The Manufactured Man”). We’ve not seen the episode, or a script for that matter, which is why we’re not able to relay the basic plot. Still, seeing the card-player/scoundrel and no-good swindler in a schmaltzy 1971 Burt Reynolds pre-Bandit vehicle — starring Gary Busey, Mickey Rooney, and David Soul, no less — sounds to us like TV worth watching.

Check out the imdb page for the episode here.

Vote for the Next Star Wars Mimobot! Team | November 18, 2009

Help MIMOBOT complete their Star Wars series by choosing your favorite character! Will it be the Tusken Raider, TIE Fighter Pilot, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Greedo?

By casting your vote, you’ll receive a 20% discount on the winning design and get first dibs on the full Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 5 releasing March 2010.

The design that receives the most votes by December 31, 2009 will be produced as the Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 5 Audience Choice Character. Choose wisely!

Learn more about it here:
Vote for Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 5!

Happy Wookiee Life Day! Team | November 17, 2009

November 17 marks the anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special, which some fans like to celebrate as Wookiee Life Day!

More info from

Note that Life Day most likely was originally intended as a stand-in for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, as the Holiday Special was originally aired on November 17, the day after Thanksgiving that year.

However, over time the term “holiday special” has caused most fans to misinterpret Life Day as a stand-in for Christmas instead, leading to games like Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron to place Life Day on December 25. This is partly because after the initial US airing in November, the Holiday Special aired in December in other countries, where Thanksgiving is not observed and Christmas is the closest equivalent.

The canonical date for the observance of Life Day has, nevertheless, been established in what sources there are as December 25, or the equivalent thereof in the Wookiee calendar. Whether this means that Life Day actually is intended to be understood as a solstice festival akin to Christmas as opposed to a harvest festival akin to Thanksgiving is unknown.

Neither concept seems to hold much relevance on Kashyyyk, which appears to have temperate weather throughout the year (including on the Life Day we see in the Holiday Special) and where agriculture seems to be little practiced.

In honor of Life Day, here’s some of our favorite photos of celeb fans hanging out with Chewie.

Chewbacca & actor Milo Ventimiglia at the Fanboy premiere.


Adrianne Curry at Trooper Fest Team | November 16, 2009

Model, actress and reality TV star Adrianne Curry shows off her Star Wars pride with a costume worthy of the 501st Legion at this year’s Trooper Fest in Las Vegas.


’70s Space Toys Spawned by Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2009


Thumbing through the pages of the November, 1978 issue of Ebony magazine recently posted by Google Books, we found a great period article on some of the space toys spawned by Star Wars mania in the late ’70s. Gotta love that Vader wannabe mask!

Amazing Tauntaun Costume

Bonnie Burton | November 16, 2009

It seems like tauntauns are the new zombies. First we had the tauntaun sleeping bag, then the tauntaun groom’s cake, and now one of the coolest tauntaun costumes ever!

Crafty Star Wars fan Scott Holden blogs about this amazing costume and how he made it. After designing his costume on the computer in Solidworks, he went straight to work.

Using wood, expanded metal and Plaster of Paris I made a skull, then sculpted clay over the skull to add the detail.

Then came more foam, plaster, clay, silicone, plastic, PVC, a back pack, drywall stilts, snowboard bindings, felt, craft fur, steel concrete stakes, paint, and a saddle!

Getting into the costume is difficult, it requires the ‘rider’ to first put the stilts on. Then the ‘handler’ lifts the body up and over the rider where the rider then has to put the backpack straps on. Then the handler runs to both sides of the costume and snaps the fur onto the hips hiding the riders real legs and stilts.

I was just recovering from knee surgery, so my buddy Brian agreed to wear the costume for me. We arrived at the Zone Ball at 9:30, had a couple beers in the parking lot, then mounted up.

As Brian strolled through the massive crowds, we were constantly being stopped for pictures. Getting on stage was difficult. There was a handicap lift, but it ended up being broken. It took an additional two security guards and a Zone staffer to climb the stairs, but once on stage, it was all worth it.

Check out the costume in action here:
WATCH VIDEO: Tauntaun costume 2009

Read all about it here:
Scott Holden’s Tauntaun Costume

SOURCE: MAKE magazine

Finding Vader in the Strangest Places

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2009

vader projector

While on eBay recently, I came across a 1950’s stereo 3D projector that features an uncanny resemblance to a certain Sith Lord who wouldn’t appear in our galaxy for another 20-some years (so tempted to pick this up, but it weighs almost 40 pounds!). This find led me to search for other Vader look-alikes that were just happy coincidences (hint — search “darth vader” – [minus] “star wars”). This led me to a ‘40s Zenith console radio with a very Vader-like speaker grill (I think radio collectors even refer to this model as the “Darth Vader”) and a UK motorcycle helmet.


Jaime King Picks Up Clone Wars DVD Box Set Team | November 13, 2009

Actress Jaime King — known for her work in almost every genre of film from horror (My Bloody Valentine 3-D) to comedy (Fanboys) to action (Pearl Harbor) to cult classics (Sin City) — shows off the DVD box set of one of her favorite acting gigs as the voice for bounty hunter Aurra Sing in The Clone Wars animated TV series.

Jaime said last year about The Clone Wars:

I kept harassing him [Supervising Director Dave Filoni] to let me do some voices. I love the new TV show. The imagery is so beautiful! The last time I was up at Skywalker Ranch I spent a lot of time with the animators and Dave, and watched the whole process of how they make The Clone Wars. I love how they’re exploring sub-characters. Each episode visually looks better and better. I think it’s also exciting to open up more of the Star Wars universe to younger children to see.

Read her full interview on
Jaime King Catches the Fan Spirit

R2-D2 Mailbox in Iraq Team | November 12, 2009

Star Wars fans hail from all over the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of our armed forces have a soft spot for Jedi, Sith, Troopers and even an R2-D2 mailbox spotted in Iraq!

ForceCast co-host Jimmy Mac let us know of this extraordinary fan mail they received from Maj. Yancy Baer:

I am huge Star Wars fan and even though I am in Iraq I try to download your podcast as often as I can. Needless to say I was quite disappointed when I found out I was going to miss Fan Days in Texas, not to mention the Concert tours currently going on. My mom and daughter went to both the concert, in Oklahoma City where I grew up, and to Fan Days, not so much because they are huge fans, or really even fans at all, but to be able to take pictures and meet people for me.

They are really amazing like that but when they told me how generous and kind everyone was at Fan Days as they walked around, not knowing anyone, trying to get autographs and telling people hello for me, I was amazed. I really shouldn’t have been as I attended Celebration Japan and a couple of Disney Star Wars Weekends now and the people are amazing and I have made amazing friends along my journeys. Well, when they got up to you guys they said you were very nice to them and for that I thank you both.

Recently while in Al Asad, Iraq I was in the terminal waiting to catch a helicopter and saw an R2-D2 mailbox, couldn’t believe it! I attached a picture, again, thanks for your hospitality towards them.

Have a great day!

Read the full article here:
ForceCast Greetings From Iraq

Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking Art Prints

Bonnie Burton | November 12, 2009

In honor of Carrie Fisher’s spoken word tour for Wishful Drinking, she’s commissioned artist Ryan Haworth to create limited-edition 18″x24″ silver emulsion prints of his original 30″x40″ oil on canvas painting. The prints are signed by Carrie Fisher and Ryan Haworth.

You can check them out here:
Carrie Fisher Store