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Silent Night, Hutt Night Team | December 7, 2009

(photo courtesy W.H Steels)
If you’re hanging out on Twitter, and do a search using the hashtag #StarWarsXmas, you find out quickly how many fans are decorating during the holidays using Star Wars as a muse.

We’ll be posting throughout the month, some of our favorite Star Wars Christmas trees, festive cookies, nativity sets, outdoor lights, snowmen and more.

Here’s one of our faves:

Star Wars fan W.H Steels shows off his love for Jabba by making him a lucky stand-in for Joseph in this holiday nativity scene.

Years ago I bought a Nativity Set From a discount club! But it never came with a Joseph, so every year I have to go through my toys to find a stand in!

Florida Mayor Welcomes Fans for Celebration V Team | December 4, 2009

Orange County Florida Mayor Richard Crotty, along with some Imperial forces and R2-D2, filmed this Force-tastic greeting to fans excited about Star Wars Celebration V coming to his neck of the woods in Aug. 2010.

WATCH VIDEO: Mayor Richard Crotty Welcomes CV

Mayor Richard Crotty is proud to announce the landing of another major convention for Orange County, Florida. Star Wars Celebration V will feature cast & crew, celebrities, fans, costumes, music, autographs and collectibles. We expect up to 35,000 people to attend.

The Force must be with us, said Mayor Crotty, this could be the largest Star Wars fan event ever, with a positive economic impact of $36 million.

The four-day celebration will run from August 12 – August 15, 2010.

More info on the official website:

“Art Strikes Back” Exhibit

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2009

Art Asylum Boston is running a unique exhibit of Star Wars art called “Inspirations From Above: ART STRIKES BACK” until Dec. 6.

Artists exhibit paintings, sculptures, graffiti-inspired portraits and more that pay tribute to the characters in a galaxy far, far away in a truly unique way.

Check out the art here:
Art Strikes Back Blog

(Felted Chewie by Justin Volpe)


Star Wars Twitter Avatars by Apelad

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2009

(Art by Adam Koford)

Artist and illustrator Adam Koford (aka Apelad) is known for his comic The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats as well as his adorkable Greedo he created for the Empire Muggs Back charity art project.

So we were thrilled to see his Twitter avatar art of his favorite sci-fi characters including Boba Fett, Yoda and Chewbacca, among others. Up close they’re fun Star Wars portraits, but in smaller form they look like the little Twitter bird avatar.

Check out his full set here:
Apelad’s Twitter Avatars

Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet Talks Celebration V Team | December 3, 2009

As we announced earlier today, Star Wars Celebration V will take place in Orlando, Florida on August 12-15, 2010; Registration goes live Thursday, Dec. 10.

Our friends over at TheForce.Net chatted with Lucasfilm Director of Fan Relations (and Collecting Guru & Author) Steve Sansweet about the news and what fans can expect.

Steve said first that the new partnership with show producer Reed Exhibitions gives them exclusive rights to do celebration events, and with his experience doing seven celebrations, and their massive experience producing shows, it took a long time to get everything about this partnership perfect. But along the way, Lucasfilm and Reed were working on venues, and that in itself is a big project, starting with 10 – 12 possible cities.

With Steve’s desire to continue to move the Celebrations around the country geographically, the west was pretty quickly ruled out, while cities like Baltimore, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Chicago and others were considered, some dropped out because they just didn’t have appropriate facilities or dates that worked. The long period spent finalizing a producing contract did affect the final date because Steve and Reed want this to be the best celebration yet and we all know that does take time to plan for them and for fans.

And as for if the Maker himself will show…

I had to ask whether Steve thought George Lucas would attend to which he couldn’t give a commitment, but that George always gets an invite, in fact, many people that fans would want to see get invites, but schedules and commitments often get in the way. My guess is if enough fans make it known they want to see George at the show, that will do more to get him there than anything. We’ll help, stay tuned.

More info here:
Official Star Wars Celebration V site

California Hall of Fame Inducts George Lucas Team | December 2, 2009

Filmmaker George Lucas, gay-rights advocate Harvey Milk, comedian Carol Burnett, football legend John Madden, best-selling romance author Danielle Steel and other icons were among 13 individuals inducted into the California Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

Tweeting live from the event, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger snapped candid photos of the inductees — including the one above of him shaking hands with George Lucas.

All of the inductees were chosen for being “remarkable individuals who embody the innovative spirit of the Golden State and who have changed the world by pursuing their dreams.”

The California Museum, located in downtown Sacramento, will display 13 exhibits showcasing the accomplishments of the inductees through October. George Lucas’ exhibit includes models of R2-D2 and C-3PO, as well as Indiana Jones’ jacket, whip and hat from the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Read the full article here:
Milk, Lucas among 13 inducted in Hall of Fame
(via San Francisco Chronicle)

Read more about the California Hall of Fame Exhibits here:
California Hall of Fame official site

Donald Faison Channels Han Solo on Conan Team | December 2, 2009

Donald Faison, who plays Turk in the comedy Scrubs, loves talking about his Star Wars fandom on talk shows. Last time he was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he showed off his stop-motion film Chronicles of Lando Calrissian.

This time, Fasion recently showed off his Star Wars cred on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, who interviewed him about his fandom.

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

Empire Strikes Back. I’ve seen it like 400 times now. It’s so in my system that throughout the day I break out into scenes on my own, out of nowhere. [RECITES FULL SCENE FROM EMPIRE]

So when someone is watching Star Wars with you, do you recite along with the whole movie?


That’s really annoying.

Yes, it is annoying. My kids don’t like to watch Star Wars with me anymore.

WATCH VIDEO: Donald Faison on The Tonight Show
(starts talking Star Wars at 1:15)

AnnaLynne McCord <3 Han Solo Team | December 2, 2009

Looks like Clone Wars voice actor Matt Lanter isn’t the only Star Wars fan on the TV show 90210. Fellow actress AnnaLynne McCord revealed her love for the original Star Wars movies when she appeared this week on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

McCord admitted to being attracted to nerdy guys, and that she loves the original Star Wars films.

McCord said:

“I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I have to clarify though, I refuse to see any Star Wars except the original three: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi because those are the only Star Wars that exist. I’m sorry, the CGI stuff doesn’t do it for me. Honestly, I don’t like the ones without Han Solo.”

WATCH VIDEO: AnnaLynne McCord on The Tonight Show
(she starts talking Star Wars around 2:35)

The Best of #StarWarsBandNames Team | December 1, 2009

Last week on Twitter, Star Wars fans participated in a fun meme — #StarWarsBandNames — that mashed up their favorite band names with Star Wars characters and themes!

Here’s some of our favorites and Twitter fans who submitted them:

Elvis PresLeia — via @trentvanegas
Chewie Lewis and the News — via @wk_marshall
Mös Eisley Crüe — via @ellingson
Tom Petty and The Hothbreakers — via @OneDeadPixel
The Doormés — via @lostmindgrapes
Foo TIE Fighters — via @Kalethan
AT/ST — via @AxeFaktor
Leia in Chains — via @AxeFaktor
30 seconds to Yavin 4 — via @AxeFaktor
Nat King Clone — via @darthvader
Modest Mouse Droid — via @TotalHell
Ace of Rebel Base — via @saperle
The Mighty Mighty Hothtones — via @lizperle
Jedi Temple Pilots — via @IanDavidB
They Might Be Banthas — via @IanDavidB
Bespin Doctors — via @HackeMate
Boomtown Womp Rats — via @MBRigney
Bachman Turner Hyperdrive — via @lizperle
Wedge Zepplin — via @thatsmynewband
Alderaan Duran — via @lizperle
The Beta Bantha — via @HackeMate
Chaka Han — via @lostmindgrapes
All Imperial Rejects — via @awesumness16
Panic at the Death — via @awesumness16
Megadeath-star — via @tvjoel
Jar Jar Binks 182 — via @markhoppus
ELO: Ewok Lightsaber Orchestra — via @Aaronstengel
Aerobith — via @IamWritersblock
Aerosith — via @BaconFortress
Pink Droyd — via @12parsecs
Darth Punk — via @desechable
Soft Cell Block 1138 — via @desechable
Massive At-At-Tack — via @Pwosion
Mos Isley Brothers — via @benmalone1908
Gungan Roses — via @pablofigueroa
Greedo Day — via @desechable
The Rancorteurs — via @stockboybrent
ABBA the Hutt — via @JKLMM
My Chemical Rodian — via @rachel_renegade
REO Landspeederwagon — via @marklisanti
The Wampas and the Papas — via @secondperiod
Boba Fett and The Blackhearts — via @kentology
The Clone Roses — via @theRealBeal
Admiral Ozzel Osbourne — via @theRealBeal
IG-88 degrees — via @DarthMater
U2-D2 — via @GirlDetective & @12parsecs
Death Star for Cutie — via @anthonycid1
Nien Inch Nunbs — via @niennunb
Siouxsie and the Banthas — via @DarthMater
X-Pistols — via @DarthMater
They Might Be Ugnaughts — via @TB5918
Wide Spread Panaka — via @Zeblue_Prime
Goo Goo Talz — via @marc7071
Nine Inch Neimoidians — via @bonniegrrl
The Smashing Porkins — via @danielhaymes
Faith No Maul — via @patomarron
Clan of Mynox — via @desechable
Pearl Zam — via @LukesFather
Earth, Windu & Fire — via @stephencooney
Jefferson Star Destroyer — via @BaconFortress
Johnny Kashyyyk — via @lostmindgrapes
X-Winger — via @lostmindgrapes
Bacta Street Boys — via @stockboybrent
Snowtrooper Patrol — via @sean_pierceCEO
Echo Base & The Bunnymen — via @starwars
The Rolling Clones — via @SueEllenGordon
Jar Jar Binks of Clay — via @trentvanegas
The Alan Parsecs Project — via @reinsmapanna11
A Flock of Mynocks — via @adam807

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Wired’s GeekDad Reviews Drawing Clone Wars

Bonnie Burton | November 30, 2009

Matt Blum from Wired magazine’s Geekdad blog reviews Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars book from Klutz, and gives readers a chance to win a copy.

I was very excited to receive a review copy of the new Klutz book Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars. My wife, who’s a far better artist than I am, sat down with my kids to try out the techniques the book teaches. It instructs you to follow a step-by-step process, working from the inside of each character to the outside, which is good advice (according to my wife) for drawing any sort of figure, whether Star Wars-related or not.

The book includes a set of colored pencils, a Star Wars-branded automatic pencil and marker, and a good eraser. Tracing sheets are interspersed with instructions on how to draw the various characters, droids, and accessories, making the process even easier to follow.

There is a very good variety in the figures chosen, from humans like Obi-Wan and Anakin to “big, sloppy” creatures like Jabba the Hutt to Battle Droids and Droidekas. The text is well-written, containing plenty of story-oriented detail along with the drawing directions – I particularly liked the page that allows you to customize and name your own clones.

I heartily recommend the book for anyone who enjoys or whose kids enjoy the TV series. I, even with my lack of drawing talent, was able to create a few drawings that were, if not great, at least identifiable as what they were intended to be. And my kids have been having a blast drawing the characters they like — Yoda is their current favorite.

Read the full review here:
Review and Giveaway: Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Win a Copy, You Can! (via Wired)