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Han Solo, P.I.

Bonnie Burton | June 3, 2009

We just can’t get enough of these fan-made Star Wars TV intro mashups! Here’s a side by side comparison of a fan-made intro of Star Wars re-imagined as the hit show Magnum, P.I.

Han Solo as Thomas Magnum is a no-brainer, but Old Ben Kenobi as Jonathan Quayle Higgins III is a completely brilliant match-up. Personally, I was hoping R2-D2 and C-3PO would be represented by Higgins’ dobermans.


WATCH VIDEO: Magnum vs. Solo: sequence comparison

Check out more Star Wars TV intros here:

Conservatives Want to Talk Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | June 1, 2009

The love for science fiction isn’t limited to political affiliation. Conservatives love to talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more; and now they can read all the sci-fi news and rumors without any liberal bias with Republibot.

Republibot describes itself as “the science fiction site for people who aren’t Drooling Kneejerk Liberals!”

Why a conservative SF website? Because pretty much all the ones out there right now are extremely hard left. In fact, as a genre Science Fiction itself is generally rather leftist, which is not something we here at Republibot take issue with. In our minds, Science Fiction is all about asking questions and being open minded to the answers. Sometimes the answers are reassuring, sometimes they’re disturbing, and sometimes there are no answers at all, but the point is to keep asking the questions.

Read more about the site here:
Republibot Sends Sci-Fi News to the Right (via Underwire)

McQuarrie Honored by Digital Artists

Pete Vilmur | May 29, 2009


According to the CG Society’s official website, legendary Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie has been awarded the distinction of “EXPOSÉ 7 Grand Master” by the group.

“The CGSociety is the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists,” reads the group’s site. “The CGS supports artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate and promote, by celebrating achievement, excellence and innovation in all aspects of digital art.”

Fitting, then, that such an esteemed group of artists would honor McQuarrie’s work and career with such a prestigious award. Most Star Wars fans would agree that it is certainly well-deserved!

Head on over to the CG Society’s website for the award announcement, interview, and a great look back at McQuarrie’s spectacular career.

Darth Jackson’s Got Talent

Bonnie Burton | May 28, 2009

Singing sensation Susan Boyle isn’t the only one who can impress a crowd. A British fan who calls himself Darth Jackson entertained the audience with his outrageous dance number (complete with stormtroopers) for his performance on the reality show Britain’s Got Talent.

Michael Jackson and Darth Vader impersonator 37-year-old Philip is a postal worker from Birmingham. He has been dancing for 30 years, but Britain’s Got Talent was his first real public performance. He is entirely self-taught and has dreamt of being a Michael Jackson impersonator since he was a child. The Darth Vader element was added to Philips act following a fancy dress party two years ago.

Judge Simon Cowell may not have appreciated the Dark Lord’s moves to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but the audience sure did.

Check it out here:

WATCH VIDEO: Darth Jackson on Britain’s Got Talent

Stormtroopers to Invade Roller Derby!

Bonnie Burton | May 27, 2009

Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis are like the Empire and Rebellion in Indiana when it comes to roller derby teams, so it seemed only fitting to have the 501st and Rebel Legion come along for Cyclone Wars!

Rebel Legion Commanding Officer Matthew W. Hofmann reports:

About 30 costumed characters from the Rebel Legion and 501st will be at this event, including Darth Vader, Chewbacca, the Fetts, and R2-D2 along with all your favorite armored or lightsaber-wielding friends. They’ll also be having a Jail and Bail to benefit Girls Inc. of Indianapolis and a halftime target practice show featuring the Rebel Legion teaching future members of the Rebellion how to shoot TKs with dart guns for fun and fabulous Star Wars and Naptown Roller Girls prizes!

It’s this Saturday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Get ticket info here. Tickets will remain on sale until midnight, Friday, May 29. Doors open at 5 pm, and the double header begins at about 5:30 pm.

May the Force be with your roller skates!

Vader Boogies in Star Wars Weekends Vids and Photos

Pete Vilmur | May 26, 2009

vader.jpg recently updated with a bunch of great video and photo coverage of the first 2009 Star Wars Weekend at Walt Disney World. Some really good coverage of the various events, parades, and celebrities in attendance, so if you’ve got a few minutes to spend in the Disney/Star Wars galaxy, head on over and take a look!

Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars and Hyperspace Hoopla video and pictures (Check out those dark side dance moves!)

Parade/celebrity motorcade

More photos from Star Wars Weekends

San Jose Super-Con 2009 Recap Team | May 26, 2009

(Jane Wiedlin poses with 501st and wee little fan)

Not all conventions are made equally. While San Diego Comic-Con International is still considered the Mother Ship of geektastic gatherings, some of the smaller conventions still hold a special place in my heart. San Jose Super-Con (held May 16-17, 2009) is one of those tiny conventions that still believe comics, not movies, are king.

Here’s a recap of what you might have seen/heard/witnessed/tweeted if you were there.

(501st greet a young recruit)


Star Wars Movie Marathon on MTV

Bonnie Burton | May 22, 2009

This Memorial Day weekend, be sure to check out MTV as the channel screens all six Star Wars films! The Star Wars movie marathon schedule is as follows:

  • Sat., May 23: The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones
  • Sun., May 24: Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope
  • Memorial Day, Mon., May 25: The Empires Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Check local listings for times.
May MTV and the Force Be With You.

Check out the online TV schedule on (all times are EST).

Fanboys DVD Party at Golden Apple Comics

Bonnie Burton | May 21, 2009

(Photos by Amanda Jean Camarillo)

If you didn’t get a chance to see Fanboys in the theaters, you can now have your own copy with the release of the DVD. On May 19, Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles threw a Fanboys DVD Party.

In attendance were Fanboys director Kyle Newman as well as actors Dan Fogler and Jaime King, as well as fans and members of the 501st Legion.

Here are some of the photos of the event below:

Check out the rest of the photos here:
Fanboys DVD Event

MakerBot Sings Imperial March and Makes a Vader

Bonnie Burton | May 20, 2009

Marius and Philip of the Whatever Lab in Vienna were visiting MakerBot founder Bre Pettis, and decided to show off the MakerBot named Martha Vader who sang “The Imperial March” and made cute, little Darth Vader helmets from ABS plastic.

WATCH VIDEO: Martha Vader: MakerBot sings The Imperial March (via Youtube)