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R2-D2 in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Team | June 24, 2009

Our beloved astromech seems to be popping up everywhere. First R2-D2 shows up in Star Trek. And now the film’s visual-effects supervisor, who also worked on Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace, and the same screenwriting team who wrote him into Star Trek, are saying Artoo is in their new movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

MTV News reports:

“There’s an R2-D2 flying around in there somewhere,” revealed ILM’s Scott Farrar, the film’s visual-effects supervisor, who also worked on the Star Wars episodes Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace. “There’s a little bit of space junk thrown in there; see if you can find it. It’s a scene in the desert.” Interestingly enough, George Lucas’ charismatic droid also had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Star Trek, which shares the same writing team as Transformers. Is it a coincidence? “Perhaps,” screenwriter Alex Kurtzman grinned mischievously. “Perhaps not.”

Read the full article here:
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know (via VH1/MTV)

The Force is Strong with Pete Wentz

Bonnie Burton | June 23, 2009

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has been Force sensitive for some time. He’s tweeted about Star Wars Day, his recent trip to Skywalker Ranch, pondered about R2-D2 while on tour, and then bragged that R2-D2 was his new housemate. You can spot Pete’s beloved astromech here.

This year for his birthday, the rocker celebrated in Star Wars style. Pete Wentz dressed up as Han Solo, while his wife — singer Ashlee Simpson — went as Princess Leia (or is it Amidala?)

This isn’t the first time he’s celebrated his birthday with a Star Wars theme. In 2007, Ashlee bought Pete a Revenge of the Jedi poster as a birthday present.

SOURCE: Pete Wentz Twitter

Megan Fox Ponders Slave Leia Costume Team | June 23, 2009

We love that Megan Fox is a Star Wars fangirl. While promoting her latest film: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, she chats with about being excited about going to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

She’s not sure she’ll be able to roam the Comic-Con floor, but she wishes she could check out the Top Cow booth, pick up a few t-shirts, and dress up like Slave Leia!

Do you like Comic-Con?

I love Comic-Con.

Do you get to walk on the convention floor?

I don’t know if I’ll get to this time without security, and that’s embarrassing. I don’t want to walk everywhere with security. I don’t even need it. But they’re so fearful that I need it, they give it to me. I would love to go to the Top Cow booth, and go find a t-shirt or two. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that.

Some famous actors have talked about wearing a costume, like a stormtrooper outfit, and then they walk around by themselves.

My inital thought was Princess Leia Slave. That would be like the opposite of what I want to do as far as needing security, I guess.

WATCH VIDEO: Megan Fox talks Jonah Hex, Comic-Con and Says She’d Like to Walk Around as Slave Leia

R2-D2 Loves a Fire Hydrant Team | June 22, 2009

R2-D2 not only saves the lives of Jedi and clone troopers on a regular basis, he also falls in love with the quiet type…a very quiet type. In this retro episode of Sesame Street, C-3PO discovers that his beeping buddy has fallen dome over wheels for a fire hydrant. Poor fella.

WATCH VIDEO: R2-D2 & C-3PO on Sesame Street


Interview with Star Wars: The Old Republic Devs Team | June 19, 2009

Here’s a round-up of interviews about the upcoming video game that everyone is all a buzz about: Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Daniel Erickson (Lead Writer on The Old Republic):

Because we did all class-specific stories for The Old Republic, we’ve allowed ourselves to basically make, Knights of the Old Republic: The Smuggler, its own game. Everything in there, when you’re playing a Smuggler, you feel like a Smuggler. The adventures are crazy, and madcap, and you’re flying by the seat of your pants, and there’s romantic stuff, and you’re spouting off crazy one-liners, etc., etc.

Then, when you’re playing as a Sith, it’s a completely different game. Everything is from that perspective, you come from a very dark world, you’re on Korriban, you’re dealing with Sith politics, you’re dealing with some very, very dark people who are allowed to do anything they want. It completely changes the way we do storytelling.

VIDEO: Giant Bomb Interviews Star Wars: The Old Republic Devs

SOURCES: Slashdot,

George Lucas Honored at Siskel Center Team | June 17, 2009

(Jon Favreau, George Lucas and Mellody Hobson — Photo courtesy Jimmy Mac.)

This weekend filmmaker George Lucas was honored in Chicago by The Gene Siskel Film Center with a gala event which included an interview by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.

Media were also in attendance including our friends at Force-Cast who covered the event and snagged an interview with The Maker himself.

Jon Favreau conducted an hour-long discussion with George that mostly focused on his technological and artistic contributions to cinema, including his advancements in digital film making, creation of his company, and his hobby of architecture. During the interview, Lucas claimed rules do not work and he stressed the need to think outside the box. George said he developed new film making technologies was because he was lazy and wanted the easiest way to concentrate his attention on the fun aspects of movie making. Lucas also informed attendees that he is working on literally 40 screenplays for television including the development of a second Star Wars animated series. The captive audience hung on every word and the evening ended with a standing ovation for the revolutionary director.

Check out their coverage here:

Dancing with the Stars of Star Wars Team | June 16, 2009

Get a few costumed Star Wars fans together, add some dance music and watch the magic happen. Check out this video of fans dressed as Taun We, Boba Fett and Ephant Mon dancing to the Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive” at AdventureCon 2009.

Say, Ephant Mon has some sweet moves!

WATCH VIDEO: AdventureCon 2009 Costume Dancing

SOURCE: My Disguises Blog

Architecture of Star Wars Team | June 16, 2009

The Architect’s Journal takes a look at their favorite architectural works in Star Wars from the Ewoks’ Bright Tree Village on Endor to the Death Star itself. The article also explains where you can see its influence in buildings on our own planet.

Here’s what Architects Journal had to say about the buildings of Cloud City:

The simple and elegant 16-kilometre wide Cloud City sits high above the planet Bespin. Proprietor Lando Calrissian oversees a well-appointed luxury resort district on its upper levels, complete with hotels and casinos. Echoes of the saucer-shaped structure can be seen on Earth in John Lautner’s Chemosphere House.

Read the full article here:
Top 10: The architecture of Star Wars

Darth Cylon? Team | June 15, 2009

Some fans will say that Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica had a few too many similarities from the space battles to the characters. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that BSG similarities between the original Cylons and Darth Vader’s mask come from the same inspiration — Samurai costumes.

Darth Mojo Blog reports:

“It was supposed to be a 2000-years-old, ancient Cylon,” Cylon builder Pierre Drolet continued. “A different model, but still recognizable as Cylon. We both liked the idea of what a samurai Cylon would look like, so, from there, I start to build and design it. The first model I presented had to much of the feel of Darth Vader, so I took off two layers of the helmet band.”

Read the full article here:

(SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the second half of the Battlestar Galactica‘s 4th — and final — season, don’t click on the link!)

bsg vfx: anatomy of an (ancient) cylon (via Darth Mojo)


Count Dooku Now Sir Lee Team | June 15, 2009

Legendary actor Christopher Lee — who is well known to Star Wars fans worldwide as Count Dooku — was given his knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

Cinema fans already know of Lee’s greatness from over 200 films including his iconic roles as Count Dracula in endless Hammer horror films and Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. It’s obvious the great Sir Christopher Lee deserves knighthood for his acting, but we also like to think it’s in part due to his singing chops.

Read more about his knighthood here:
Queen Elizabeth Decrees It’s Now ‘Sir Christopher Lee’ (via Wired)