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Comic-Con 2009: Preview Night is Tonight! Team | July 22, 2009

Though the first “official” day of Comic-Con International isn’t till Thursday, Wednesday is known as Preview Night, an extra bonus day that is usually the uncontested domain of hardcore collectors seeking out exclusives and first looks at the wares debuting on the floor. With Star Wars, it’s no different. Check out this Flickr set throughout the night to see some of the excitement of Comic-Con Eve.

Here are some highlights:

Sideshow’s bad-ass Yoda is spearing through an Order 66-following 501st clone trooper.

Hasbro is turning the YVH droid from The New Jedi Order into a build-a-figure.


Comic-Con First Pics: Rise of the Star Wars Pavilion

Pete Vilmur | July 21, 2009


Lucasfilm Senior Events Lead Mary Franklin sends the first photos from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con of the Lucasfilm Pavilion under construction on the Exhibit Hall floor. The round center stage is coming together, and will be the location of several planned Star Wars photo-ops scheduled during the event. Also, crates containing booth materials from Official Pix and Hasbro await placement next to the LFL Pavilion under the round Clone Wars signage overhead.


Stay tuned for further updates as the Star Wars Pavilion comes together for Wednesday’s sneak preview launch! Keep an eye on the set-up in this Flickr set of the pre-show build-up.

Update: You may have seen some imagery on MTVs website, but the Pavilion will also incorporate some never-before-seen images from Season Two of Clone Wars. Backed with blood red backdrops is a motley assortment of bounty hunters — some familiar, and some not so.










Seth Green: Guide to Comic-Con Costumes Team | July 20, 2009

Entertainment Weekly/Popwatch Guest Blogger and Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green gives a few tips on how to dress like a costume pro at San Diego Comic-Con.

So before you double up your brown bathrobe as a Jedi costume, read advice by Seth and the Robot Chicken staff: Mike Fasolo, Douglas Goldstein, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick, Hugh Sterbakov, Zeb Wells.

Some of our fave tips:

SITH LORD: All the weight-hiding benefits of a robe with the slimming power of black. A go-to if you tend to Force-choke Hot Pockets more often than mouthy Admirals.

DOCTOR DOOM: Your cape gets smaller, but you still have full body coverage. If you can fit in the armor, the sculpted muscles will take care of the rest.

SPIDER-MAN: Now we’ve entered Spandex territory and are building a house there. We shouldn’t have to say this, but every crack and crevice will be visible. Proceed with caution.

Read the full article here:
Guest Editor Seth Green: A wear-it-if-you-dare guide to Comic-Con costumes (via EW/PopWatch)

Things Fans Say to Seth Green at Comic-Con Team | July 20, 2009

Lobot <3 Seth Green

As we begin our San Diego Comic-Con coverage for the week, here’s a great guest blog entry at Popwatch from Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green about the things fans say when they run into him at Comic-Con since he’s been attending for 14 years.

Here’s some of our favorites:

Hey, are you Seth Green?

How tall are you?

Why are you wearing a Spider-Man costume?

Can you leave my outgoing voice message?

Can you call my girlfriend?

You were great as Bud Bundy.

Can I follow you around and get into all the VIP parties with you?

Who wrote your Star Wars Emperor sketch?

Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth. Hi.

Check out the full article here:
Guest Editor Seth Green: Things people say to me at Comic-Con
(via EW/Popwatch)

If you want to bug Seth Green in person, but can’t make it to Comic-Con, check out Robot Chicken’s Skate Party Bus Concert tour, coming to a city near you! Admission is free, all ages are welcome.

Seth, Robot Chicken co-creator Matt Senreich, and actor/writer Breckin Meyer will be on a bus tour of roller skating rinks August 1-13, from LA to NY, with Gym Class Heroes performing in each city. For more info and updates, go to

Star Wars to Harry Potter: Secrets of ILM F/X Team | July 16, 2009

Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and Co. may have audiences under their spell in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but the real wizards are the ones who created the movie’s special effects. Industrial Light & Magic, the biggest F/X studio in the business, gave the News a sneak peek behind the wizards’ curtain to see how they made some of the greatest magic in film history.

Read the full article here:
Star Wars to Harry Potter: Secrets of movie special effects

Fancy a Cuppa Star Wars?

Bonnie Burton | July 15, 2009

Any kid of the ’80s who ever needed a late night drink of water before bed usually grabbed a Dixie Cup from the handy wall dispenser in the bathroom. Lucky for us, these Dixie Cups often depicted characters from our favorite TV shows and movies, which of course included Star Wars.

Most of us have fond memories about our first encounter with the Star Wars Dixie Cups. I remember being at a friend’s slumber party and I literally smuggled out 10 Star Wars Dixie Cups from her bathroom that apparently belonged to her younger brother who kept wondering why I was so thirsty.

Reis O’Brien from Geek Orthodox blog recalls his favorite Star Wars Dixie Cup memory:

The unexpected huge hit of the day was the fact that they were serving plenty of “orange drink” from a giant cooler and handing them out in these awesome Star Wars Dixie Cups! Now, this was 1981, when we were still covered in the warming glow of The Empire Strikes Back and we pounced on those cups like they were made of gold!

We kept going up to the lady by the cooler and asking for more, which she kept giving us, each time in a new Star Wars Dixie Cup, then we’d chug the orange drink, wipe out the cup with a napkin and ad it to our rapidly growing stack, which we were hiding in our jacket pockets, worried that if our teachers knew we were trying to keep the cups, they would make us throw them away. We knew that they wouldn’t understand and would look at our treasures as “trash.”

They did notice us going bonkers over the cups, though, and I remember them shaking their heads and kind of laughing as if they didn’t get it. What’s not to get?! We’re all 9 years old, it’s 1981, and we’ve just been presented with free Star Wars collectibles! It’s simple math, people!

Read more about it here:
Star Wars Dixie Cups!

Conan O’Brien Jokes About Vader Toaster Team | July 14, 2009

Fans everywhere have already known about the epic Darth Vader Toaster for awhile now, but we’re still pretty thrilled that Star Wars fan and The Tonight Show host — Conan O’Brien — joked about it on his show Friday night.

O’Brien also did a weird nerd impression which seems rather ironic since it wasn’t that long ago O’Brien himself geeked out while visiting Lucasfilm and ILM. We’re on to you, O’Brien! We know you’re a fellow Star Wars geek, so don’t bother hiding it.

“Not making this up, the creators of Star Wars have invented the Darth Vader toaster that burns an image of into each piece of toast it makes. That’s true! The instructions say once it’s made users should spread the toast with their self-hate and shame.”

WATCH VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Talks Vader Toaster (via

Darth Vader Toaster: Dark Side of Breakfast: Recipes and more! (via

Michael Jackson’s Star Wars Collection Team | July 13, 2009

jackson.jpg just posted a great panoramic of Michael Jackson’s game room/collection gallery, which includes several Star Wars pieces. Can you find them all?

Check it out here (thanks to Stephane Faucourt and for the heads up!).

ILM: The Early Years on Super 8 Video Team | July 9, 2009

A long time ago (’70s), in a galaxy far, far away (San Fernando actually) there existed a ragtag group of individuals (ILMers) who would go on to transform movie making and ignite imaginations in fans for decades to come.

Lucky for us, one of those old timers — David Berry — posted this behind-the-scenes video he made back in the day of his fellow ILMers in action — working hard and having fun.

Berry describes it as:

“Crude home movies from the 1970s depicting activities at a certain location in the San Fernando Valley.”

WATCH VIDEO: 5757 (via Vimeo)


Fan-made Knitted Bantha!

Bonnie Burton | July 9, 2009

Inspired by our Cuddly Bantha Craft on, this talented fan decided to knit a bantha instead.

Check it out here:
Knitted Bantha by JediYvette
(via Star Wars Crafts Livejournal Community)