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Jabba the Hutt Costume Test Run

Bonnie Burton | September 15, 2009

There’s a variety of perks that come with working at Lucasfilm. I get to write all day about Wookiees, clone troopers, bounty hunters and Jedi for I interview celebrities about their love for droids and Sith Lords. I attend conventions to report on the latest Star Wars news and hang out with our awesome fans. I even make Yoda puppets at my desk.

But this is the first time I’ve ever dressed up as Jabba the Hutt.

Because is in our office as well I always get to see the cool stuff we sell online before it gets written up. So when we got the new Jabba the Hutt costume from Rubies, I couldn’t resist trying it on.


Stormtroopers Recall Death Star Destruction Team | September 14, 2009

Where were you when the Rebels blew up the Death Star? Here’s a great video from featuring stormtroopers as they remember and honor the anniversary of destruction of the Death Star, with a few theories of their own.

WATCH VIDEO: Stormtroopers’ 9/11

365 Days of Stormtrooper Photos Team | September 14, 2009

(Photo by Stéfan Le Dû)

Ever wonder what your toys do when you’re not around watching over them? Star Wars fan and photographer Stéfan Le Dû brings to life his stormtrooper action figures in a series of photos he’s taking every day for a year. His stormtroopers are capture on film undergoing dangerous adventures, playing games, hanging out with monkeys and more. chats with Stéfan about what drives him to take photos of his action figures in… action.

What made you want to take a different photo of a stormtrooper toy every day?

I love Star Wars, I’m a big fan of toy photography, and I wanted to try something a bit challenging on Flickr. I saw a few awesome pictures using these stormtroopers toys before like Doctor Beef’s sets. I also stumbled upon a few excellent “365 days” project, like “Year of the Fett” which is using LEGO Star Wars figures. All of this led me to this project of “One Stormtrooper shot, each day, during one year”.

Which photo is your favorite?

There are a few ones I like more than the other ones. The “Theory of Evolution of the Stormtrooper” is one of them. I like it because besides my usual TK455 and TK479 Stormies (yes, they have ID codes), there’s Chewbacca on it (everyone loves Chewbacca), plus some monkeys (everyone loves monkeys), and the concept stormtrooper from Ralph MacQuarrie! All of this arranged in a way that makes sense (or tries to).

(Photo by Stéfan Le Dû)

How do you come up with specific scenarios for your photo sets?

The ideas come from various sources of inspirations. I like using objects in my house, or every day situations, or other toys, and giving them a “Galactic Civil War” touch using the stormtroopers. Other movies or pop culture references are also something I like to use. Some photos are just a “one-shot” idea, other fit into a series inside the series, like the “Imperial Requisitions,” the unavoidable “Not the droid we’re looking for” or the more recent “Movie Stars.”

What I like about these particular stormtroopers action figures is that despite their integral armor, they can be very expressive – there’s a lot of body language in them.

Do you have tips for fans who want to start creating cool Star Wars toy photo series like yours?

It’s not easy to give tips to people because I’m just an amateur who’s trying to give some fun while having fun myself, but here are a few things :
- Do, or do not. There is no try. Sorry, I needed to say that.
- Choose some characters that you like and inspire you. Ideas will come more easily. If the characters are some popular icons, it will be easier to catch some attention from the Internets.
- If you want to run a 365 project, it’s a good thing to always have a few ideas in advance, because there can be some days when you don’t have time or inspiration. Look around you, think about it a little bit everyday, and ideas will come.
- Ideas are the more important thing, but if you can, read one or two articles about basic photography techniques, like composition. There are some very simple things that anyone can do to improve his shots, without the need of a big professional $1000 camera.
- More importantly, have fun! That’s what toys are for!

Check out the full photo set here:
Stormtroopers 365

Russell Brand’s AT-AT Bird Sanctuary Team | September 14, 2009

We’ve previously reported about the makeshift AT-AT aviary for injured birds British actor and comedian Russell Brand made as a child and fondly wrote about in his memoir My Booky Wook, but here he is chatting about it with comedian Dawn French:

What kind of kid were you?

Insular. Unusual. I found it difficult to form relationships with people. Mostly I would prefer to make a relationship with a baby bird or perhaps a newt. Over the road from the street I grew up there was a chalk mine and army barracks all disused and overgrown. I would go over there and liberate bird fledglings from the tyranny of their bird parents. “You can’t be brought up by these idiot birds I’ll bring you up in the back of an AT-AT walker” — my Star Wars thing. And they died always, very quickly. It’s really hard to keep a baby bird alive.”

WATCH VIDEO: Russell Brand Interview
(He mentions the AT-AT at around 5:40)

Baby Princess Leia Velvet Painting

Bonnie Burton | September 11, 2009

Black velvet paintings usually depict bullfighters in action, sad clowns and of course the one and only Elvis. But this is the first time we’ve ever seen a black velvet portrait of a baby dressed as Princess Leia.

This one-of-a-kind custom painting was done by artist Zenon Jimenez for Indignico Inc.

Check out this velvet painting and others here:
Indignico Velvet Paintings (via Flickr)

Animals with Lightsabers! Team | September 11, 2009

What makes adorable critters even cuter? When you give them lightsabers to take their battles to the next level, that’s what!

See kittens, prairie dogs, puppies, bats, squirrels, and more on the blog Animals With Lightsabers!

Star Wars Thriller at Dragon*Con 2009

Bonnie Burton | September 9, 2009

If you couldn’t make it to Dragon*Con this year, you can at least see some of the many costumed attendees in the best way possible — as they dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars Thriller DragonCon 2009

SOURCE: Thanks @jenthefangirl

Dragon*Con: Steampunk Star Wars Costumes

Bonnie Burton | September 8, 2009

We’re a big fans of the Steampunk Star Wars art by Eric Poulton, as well as the customized action figures by Sillof, so it was only a matter of time before fans created their own Steampunk Star Wars costumes to show off at thie year’s Dragon*Con.

Fans from the costuming group Outland Armour wowed Dragon*Con attendees with their costumes of Queen Amidala, Padme Amidala,
Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Princess Leia Organa, Slave Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Aurra Sing!

Laura, the Events Coordinator and Webmistress for Outland Armour, writes:

The Outland Armour crew participated in the steampunk fashion show on Friday, one of many wonderful events presented by the brand new Alternate History Track at Dragon*Con. We modeled our newly created Steampunk Star Wars designs, and they seemed to be a pretty big hit with the crowd. It was a lot of fun! All of the models and designers in the fashion show did a great job and there were some really beautiful designs from everyone involved. Excellent stuff.

Earlier on Friday, Lindsay and I were representatives for Outland Armour on the Steampunk Maker’s Panel, and then Sunday the whole crew presented our Steampunk Costuming with Outland Armour panel. Both panels went well, but we especially had a great time hanging out with the crowd and answering questions at our Sunday panel. Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us, and our apologies to anyone who didn’t get in. Hopefully the con will see fit to give the track a bigger room next year!

Check out more photos here:
Dragon*Con and Steampunk Star Wars!
(via Livejournal)

Read about more Steampunk Star Wars on the Official Star Wars Blog!

(Photo by Cat Staggs)

Dragon*Con: Love AT-AT-ctually

Bonnie Burton | September 8, 2009

(Photo by Cat Staggs)

One of the best reasons to go to the Atlanta-based sci-fi/fantasy convention Dragon*Con is to see all the fans dress up as their favorite film, TV, gaming and comic book characters.

One of our favorites was this adorkable costume of an AT-AT by this lovely couple. Not sure if flip-flops are the best choice of footwear to stomp on Rebel scum in the snow, but I have to admit their look like their ready to have some fun.

Pegg & Frost: Filming New Sci-fi Movie Team | September 8, 2009

Star Wars fan and actor Simon Pegg is hard at work with fellow actor and best pal Nick Frost filming their next movie (which they also wrote) called Paul. They play two comic book geeks who go on a road trip to Nevada’s infamous Area 51. While in the middle of that desert, the two friends encounter a fugitive alien by the name of Paul.

Of course, it makes sense that in many of the behind-the-scenes video blogs, Simon is wearing an Empire Strikes Back t-shirt.

Watch their behind-the-scenes videos here:
What is Paul?