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Cad Bane Crashes CW Press Junket

Pete Vilmur | September 22, 2009


Lucasfilm’s Big Rock Ranch is hosting the Clone Wars Season Two press junket today, and the Star Wars galaxy’s new blue-skinned baddie Cad Bane dropped in for a few photo-ops with the press (that’s him posed with a few clones and Obi-Wan voice actor James Arnold Taylor above). We’re posting a few shots of the costume here for any ambitious costumers hoping to Bane it up for Halloween this year. Thanks to Jocelyn Knight for the photos!


Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars Book Trailer

Bonnie Burton | September 21, 2009

When you draw R2-D2, does he look more like a watermelon on roller skates than a cool droid? Does the Yoda you see in your head look nothing like the green blob that ends up on paper? Don’t go to the dark side yet! Learn to draw like a Jedi Master with this hands-on workbook — Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars — from Klutz.

Written by the editors of Klutz and Lucasfilm’s Bonnie Burton, and illustrated by Star Wars artist Grant Gould, Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars is packed with tips and techniques, practice space to draw right in the book, and translucent overlays that make tracing a snap.

Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits stores in October 2009.
Here’s the trailer to Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Enjoy!

WATCH VIDEO: Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars Book Trailer

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Sith Fashion at The Emmys?

Bonnie Burton | September 21, 2009

(Photo by Imaging)

We already know how Star Wars costumes have influenced designers from Project Runway, but this is the first time we’ve seen a celebrity show off a designer dress that would easily blend in at any formal party thrown at the Death Star.

Granted, we would never give actress Kristen Wiig a Grade D (like Yahoo did) for her fashion sense. We proudly give her an A for Awesome!

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Olivia’s​ Picks:​ The​ Rockabilly​ Rebel Team | September 21, 2009

If you’ve submitted your awesome Star Wars Fan Movie pitches to G4 host Olivia Munn for Operation Olivia, you might be eager to hear that she’s now narrowed down her favorite ideas down to six!

First​ on​ the​ list?​ User​ Tony Castalucci’s​ Operation​ Olivia​ Pitch​: Pulp Yavin.

To​ny​ is​ an​ experienced​ film​maker,​ guitar-gun​ slinger,​ and​ mentalist.​ I​ like​ him,​ he​ has​ experience​ in​ 3D​ and​ so​ do​ I​ (I’ve​ been​ in​ 3D​ my​ whole​ life!). And​ anyone​ with​ the​ balls​ to​ cast​ Olivia​ Munn​ as​ a​ relative​ of Porkins​ is​ a​ guy​ I’d​ like​ to​ meet.

Olivia​ was​ excited​ by​ the​ physical​ nature​ of​ Tony’s​ pitch​ saying,​ ​”I​ like​ that​ this​ is​ all​ action.​ I’ve​ never​ done​ an​ intense​ action-packed​ skit​ before.”

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Olivia’s​ Picks:​ The​ Rockabilly​ Rebel (via

D23 Star Tours II Announcement Presentation Team | September 21, 2009


For those unable to make the Star Tours II announcement unveiled at Disney’s recent D23 event, Ricky Brigante of Orlando Attractions Magazine has sent up a video of the full presentation here. Thanks to Ricky for the heads-up!

Plush Darth Vader Craft Tutorial

Bonnie Burton | September 18, 2009

Star Wars fans are a crafty bunch, so whenever we come across fan-made toys we can’t help but be impressed. Here’s a great craft tutorial on how to construct your own adorkable plushy Sith Lord.

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Plush Action Figures: Darth Vader vs. Donatello

Supermarket Bans Jedi Knight Team | September 18, 2009

(Photo via Newsgroup Newspapers)

Tesco Supermarket has been accused of religious discrimination after banning a Jedi Knight for wearing a hood. Daniel Jones — leader of the UK’s first Jedi Church — was branded a security risk and ejected by three staff after refusing to remove his hoodie at a Tesco in Bangor, North Wales.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We would ask Jedi to remove hoods. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Luke Skywalker all went hoodless without going to the Dark Side.”

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Tesco Supermarket Bans Jedi Knight (via The Sun)

Force is Strong with Robbie Williams Team | September 16, 2009

It’s not every day you see a rock star walk around in his PJs carrying a lightsaber. Granted, that’s how we like to envision all our favorite celebs battling with lightsabers in their spare time.

So when the paparazzi caught British singer Robbie Williams walking around with a lightsaber we were pretty thrilled.

Now we just need to find him a Sith Lord to fight off.

The Daily Mail reports:

Robbie Williams appears to be relying on help from a higher Jedi power, as he makes his pop comeback. The singer channeled the force by carrying a Stars Wars style lightsaber, as he left the Meurice Hotel in Paris – commonly known as the City Of Lights – dressed in silk pyjamas and dressing gown. Wearing RayBan sunglasses and carrying a laptop it was a bizarre exit for the singer, who seems to have an unhealthy interest in all things science fiction or in his case science fact.

See more photos of Jedi Robbie Williams here:
The Force is with Robbie Williams as singer exits hotel in pyjamas carrying a lightsaber (via The Daily Mail)

President Obama-Wan Kenobi! Team | September 16, 2009

(Image via Getty)

We’ve blogged before about how many Star Wars fans think President Obama is secretly a Jedi Knight. But this is the first time we’ve been handed photographic proof of Obama showing off his Force powers.

Sith Lords and bounty hunters beware!

According to Newsweek:

Here’s President Obama dueling with, yes, a Star Wars lightsaber at an event held this afternoon at the White House to promote Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.

(Photo by Jim Watson/AFP)

(Image via Getty)

SOURCES: Newsweek, Gawker

Meet Dr. MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Team | September 15, 2009

According to the Huffington Post and the Norwegian site VG Nett, a bus driver formerly known as Andreas Jankov has formally changed his name to Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov as the ultimate sci-fi fan moniker.

“I wanted to show that it is possible to be serious and at the same time take the name you like,” said the film enthusiast. “I wanted to see how far I could take it with respect to the number of names. I started thinking about this three years ago and it was approved in January this year.” Apparently, he’s had his passport and bank card reissued, but the name was too long so he dropped “Highlander.”

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Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov: Norway’s Longest Name? (via HuffPost)