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Tokyo Trooper – Mint Royale Team | October 16, 2009

Danny Choo, AKA Tokyo Dance Trooper, gives us yet another awesome video of him showing his ever-impressive dance moves to music by Mint Royale.

WATCH VIDEO: Tokyo Trooper: Mint Royale – Practice 1

Peter Serafinowicz Mauls Buzzcocks

Bonnie Burton | October 16, 2009

While fans know actor Ray Park as Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace they may not realize that British actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz was the voice.

On a recent episode of the British celeb music game show Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Serafinowicz gave the audience a taste of what the iconic Star Wars baddie sounds like when he talks about revenge and cheese.

WATCH VIDEO: Peter Serafinowicz’s Darth Maul
(WARNING: Some adult humor on video)

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Chewie is the Ultimate Sidekick

Bonnie Burton | October 15, 2009

Novelist and Star Wars fan John Scalzi often pontificates the finer points of the saga as only a fanboy can. Read his latest column about why he thinks Chewbacca is the best sci-fi sidekick ever!

1. He’s alien
Dude’s a seven foot pile of shag who walks around naked, save for a bandolier. He communicates by howling. He’ll rip the arms off a droid just to make a point about sportsmanship. Face it, you’re not going to run across anyone like that on a day-to-day basis.

2. He’s not too alien
At the same time, he’s not a gelatinous mass or a cold-blooded reptile — he’s furry and (almost) kind of cuddly, has sympathetic blue eyes and a Scooby Doo-like streak of neurosis in him, allowing Han to berate him from time to time in an amusing fashion.

Read full article:
Three Cheers for Chewbacca: SciFi’s Ultimate Sidekick (via AMC)

Yoda Costume for Kids Craft

Bonnie Burton | October 15, 2009

Crafty gal and Star Wars fan Susan Beal made this awesomely adorable Yoda costume for her 18-month-old daughter Pearl, and was sweet enough to post all the instruction on how she did it in case others would like to make one for their younglings.

Susan Beal writes:

I used an Empire Strikes Back Yoda action figure for inspiration, and carried him around the fabric store to loosely match fabric colors to him and his outfit. The central piece, a simple brown robe, is altered from an adult T-shirt, and the other elements (a hat, snake, belt, and walking stick) are all quick sewing projects using basic templates.

Find out how to make this adorable costume here:
Kids Yoda Costume (via Craft)

Let Them Eat Plo Koon Cake!

Bonnie Burton | October 14, 2009

If you’re headed to a party where you know Clone Wars director Dave Filoni will be in attendance, bring this cake and you might end up with a new BFF.

Everyone knows that Filoni’s fave character is Jedi Master Plo Koon, and now that he’s in cake form, this could end up being Filoni’s favorite cake.

Great White Snark blog reports:

This French vanilla with butter cream Star Wars cake with an uncanny, life-sized, fondant-y likeness of Plo Koon comes to us thanks to Patty of MeMe’s Treat Boutique, who created it “this past summer for the VIP dinners with Jeremy Bulloch (actor who played Boba Fett), David Filoni, and Ashley Eckstein of Clone Wars.” Neat.

World’s Smallest R2-D2? Team | October 14, 2009

Crafty Star Wars fan Rob Meyer built this very small (1/18th scale) R2-D2 with three of Solarbotics GM15 pager gearmotors. It uses two of the motors in the drive train and one to rotate the mech’s dome. It measures a whopping 2.36″/6cm tall!

WATCH VIDEO: Tiny R2-D2 in Action!


Stormtrooper Road?

Bonnie Burton | October 14, 2009

(Photo: Don Day/

Somewhere in Idaho there’s a graffiti artist who wants to remind us that ALL roads lead to the dark side — even desolate farm roads.

Read more here:
Where did the mysterious Stormtrooper come from? (via

Star Wars Medallions Help Wounded Soldiers

Pete Vilmur | October 13, 2009


The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society is currently hosting a charity fundraiser for Operation Ward 57, a medical center which houses some of the most seriously injured service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The PSWCS has created a limited edition Star Wars medallion to help raise funds for Operation Ward 57, and has already sold through nearly 90% of the 1000-piece run. Here’s the description of the medallions from the PSWCS site:

These medallions were inspired by the concept of “challenge coins” which are popular among military personnel. Given Operation Ward 57′s efforts for wounded service members, PSWCS felt it to be a distinctly appropriate collectible to offer to support the charity.

This will be a 1.75-inch diameter medallion with colored enamel on both faces.

Head on over to to pick up some of the last remaining medallions available, which cost just $10 each.

Keep Current with Crosscurrent: Paul Kemp Drops a Dramatis Personae

Pablo Hidalgo | October 13, 2009

Paul Kemp, author of the forthcoming Star Wars novel Crosscurrent, has just posted the dramatis personae for that book on his blog. A smattering of new names to become familiar with, along with the already known quantity of Jaden Korr, featured character from the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game from 2003.

Thanks to Paul for the head’s up. A Kaleesh Sith Lord sounds verrrry interesting….

Gatsby Trooper Dances in Harajuku Team | October 11, 2009

Danny Choo, AKA Tokyo Dance Trooper, strikes again — this time popping and locking in Harajuku to music by Gatsby.

WATCH VIDEO: Gatsby Trooper