Inside the Millennium Falcon Bed Team | December 18, 2009

Photos by Heather Leah Kennedy
Bed by Kayla Kromer

When we first found out about the Force-tastic Millennium Falcon bed made by fan and artist Kayla Kromer, we had to know more.

We asked Kayla — who happens to be a 1st grade teacher hailing from Austin, Texas — why she made a bed fit for every Star Wars who has ever dreamt over co-piloting the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

Why did you decide to make that awesome Millennium Falcon bed?

I mostly like to have fun, and I like making things. The original idea was to make a Death Star bed, but my idea was too big to execute in my room. But the idea of doing something spacey stuck.

What materials did you use?

The bed is a ’70s round mattress. The sides, cockpit and triangular pieces are foam. The comforter is a down comforter my mom donated. The duvet and everything is covered in gray flannel. The sheets are just white sheets modded for a circular mattress. I used a variety of fabric paints for the detail work.

How long did the bed take to construct? Any challenges you came across when making it?

I really just made it up as I went. The beginning was really bad because I cut my eye on the yucky starter parts and had to wear a patch for a week. I re-upolstered it, and then trudged along. My real job is a 1st grade teacher, so I’ve been working on it on my days off as I can since September.

What little details did you add to the bed that make it special?

The details are the smuggling areas (for my keyboard, mouse, and glasses), the detachable (for Jedi) plushie radar, the cockpit can hold figures, the fitted sheet is an interior map, and the lights in the front and back. Unlike other replicas, this is made for me, so everything is soft because I’m clumsy!

What is your favorite part of the bed?

It is very comfortable, and it’s amazing! I love being a grown up and actually getting to do what I want!

Where did you get your fantastic Leia Hoth outfit?

The Hoth costume was easy to put together, I had everything but the white coat. I have the made renditions to other costumes as well. A New Hope pics might surface, but I doubt Slave Leia pics ever do because I’m a teacher.

Were you a Star Wars fan growing up?

I loved anything with monsters and aliens in it! My step-mom was the first one to show the original films to me; she is giddy about the bed. As a kid I loved the Ewok movies more…but I like the whole series.

What is it about Star Wars that inspires you as an artist?

I think that as everyone grows up, Star Wars remains sacred as a “kid thing” that it is safe to like as a grown-up, more-so for my generation than those before us.

Did you expect such an awesome response from the fans?
(We noticed at least one marriage proposal to you in our blog comments section!)

I love how the reaction for Hamburger Bed was “You are ridiculous” and “WHY?! Why a hamburger?” But with this bed the reaction is “of course.” (The sexy stuff comments, in this “bed making art” is always expected).

Choosing something that is so specific and beloved has a lot of drawbacks I wasn’t anticipating — people wish it didn’t look so handmade, they hate that I ever put Jar Jar in the cockpit, and then I had to become an instant expert on all things Star Wars — wasn”t quite expecting that.

Mostly, everyone is so so so nice to me. I really like everyone that I’ve had a chance to exchange a few words with. It’s been a wonderful experience.

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Millennium Falcon Bed

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