Amazing Tauntaun Costume

Bonnie Burton | November 16, 2009

It seems like tauntauns are the new zombies. First we had the tauntaun sleeping bag, then the tauntaun groom’s cake, and now one of the coolest tauntaun costumes ever!

Crafty Star Wars fan Scott Holden blogs about this amazing costume and how he made it. After designing his costume on the computer in Solidworks, he went straight to work.

Using wood, expanded metal and Plaster of Paris I made a skull, then sculpted clay over the skull to add the detail.

Then came more foam, plaster, clay, silicone, plastic, PVC, a back pack, drywall stilts, snowboard bindings, felt, craft fur, steel concrete stakes, paint, and a saddle!

Getting into the costume is difficult, it requires the ‘rider’ to first put the stilts on. Then the ‘handler’ lifts the body up and over the rider where the rider then has to put the backpack straps on. Then the handler runs to both sides of the costume and snaps the fur onto the hips hiding the riders real legs and stilts.

I was just recovering from knee surgery, so my buddy Brian agreed to wear the costume for me. We arrived at the Zone Ball at 9:30, had a couple beers in the parking lot, then mounted up.

As Brian strolled through the massive crowds, we were constantly being stopped for pictures. Getting on stage was difficult. There was a handicap lift, but it ended up being broken. It took an additional two security guards and a Zone staffer to climb the stairs, but once on stage, it was all worth it.

Check out the costume in action here:
WATCH VIDEO: Tauntaun costume 2009

Read all about it here:
Scott Holden’s Tauntaun Costume

SOURCE: MAKE magazine

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