R2-D2 Mailbox in Iraq

StarWars.com Team | November 12, 2009

Star Wars fans hail from all over the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of our armed forces have a soft spot for Jedi, Sith, Troopers and even an R2-D2 mailbox spotted in Iraq!

ForceCast co-host Jimmy Mac let us know of this extraordinary fan mail they received from Maj. Yancy Baer:

I am huge Star Wars fan and even though I am in Iraq I try to download your podcast as often as I can. Needless to say I was quite disappointed when I found out I was going to miss Fan Days in Texas, not to mention the Concert tours currently going on. My mom and daughter went to both the concert, in Oklahoma City where I grew up, and to Fan Days, not so much because they are huge fans, or really even fans at all, but to be able to take pictures and meet people for me.

They are really amazing like that but when they told me how generous and kind everyone was at Fan Days as they walked around, not knowing anyone, trying to get autographs and telling people hello for me, I was amazed. I really shouldn’t have been as I attended Celebration Japan and a couple of Disney Star Wars Weekends now and the people are amazing and I have made amazing friends along my journeys. Well, when they got up to you guys they said you were very nice to them and for that I thank you both.

Recently while in Al Asad, Iraq I was in the terminal waiting to catch a helicopter and saw an R2-D2 mailbox, couldn’t believe it! I attached a picture, again, thanks for your hospitality towards them.

Have a great day!

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