Let the Wookiee Pumpkin Win!

StarWars.com Team | November 4, 2009

Photos by Raphael Isaacs

This Halloween fans everywhere carved and transformed ordinary pumpkins into their favorite Star Wars characters. But instead of cutting up the Great Pumpkin, crafty fans Raphael Isaacs and his wife Jennifer made this Wookiee-tastic pumpkin for a contest — which, of course, they won!

Starwars.com chats with Raphael about his adorkable pumpkin tribute to Chewbacca with tips for you crafty fans.

Why did you decide to make this pumpkin in a non-traditional way?
We were determined to make the pumpkin look as Chewbacca-like as possible, which as everyone knows requires copious amounts of fur. Also, with the right tools, covering a pumpkin in fur is a lot easier than carving it.

What materials did you use?
Pumpkin, various types of faux fur, glue gun, Sculpey, aluminum foil, cardboard, satin ribbon, and googley eyes.

How did you and your wife make this Wookiee-tastic pumpkin?
We first created sectional templates of the pumpkin (approx. 5) with plastic wrap. We then used those templates to cut out corresponding sections of fur. This was tricky, since the templates had to be reversed in order for the fur sections to be placed back in their correct positions on the pumpkin. Using a hot glue gun, we applied the furry sections one at a time, making sure there were no orange spots poking out.

Once the pumpkin was adequately furry-fied, we moved on to create Chewy’s signature utility belt. For this we used cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil, a brown satin ribbon, and the ever-useful hot glue gun. Once the belt was in place and attached to the pumpkin with (you guessed it) hot glue, we were able to estimate the location and size of Chewy’s face.

The eyes were googley eyes to which we attached scraps of leftover fur, and the nose and mouth were skillfully crafted out of Sculpey — a type of modeling clay you can bake. Once those were formed and baked to a crisp, we painted them using a picture we found on the internet as a guide.

These were then applied with….wait for it….hot glue. In order to ensure people knew who Chewy was (although anyone who couldn’t figure it out has “issues”) we printed out a color picture of Han and glued him to a piece of cardboard. Ta-da! The team was back together.

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