Lucasfilm/ILM Halloween 2009 Party! Team | October 26, 2009

Lucasfilm, LucasArts and ILM not only work hard, we play hard as well — while wearing fabulous costumes!

On Oct. 24, employees dressed as zombies, robots, sushi, devils, superheroes, werewolves, vampires and the house from the movie Up, descended on the Galleria in San Francisco for the annual Lucasfilm Halloween Party!

Some of the more impressive costumes included groups dressed as Spinal Tap, the cast & house of Up, classic ’50s sci-fi monsters & robots, a family of sushi, Transformers kitchen appliances, and a gaggle of garden gnomes!

There were also the usual selection of small children looking adorkable as ninjas, superheroes, pirates, fairies and princesses as well as a few baby Yodas. Plus one little girl dressed as a Mac Pro Box! Bonus geek points!

There was an employee dressed as George Lucas, and George Lucas dressed as…himself!

Here’s some of the highlights from the party:

The adorable and yummy Sushi Family!

You have to be brave to dress like a pinata.

Can you name this monster?

Zoolander represents!

Transformers fridge! More than meets the leftovers.

DIY Bumblebee!

If you read the comic Scott Pilgrim, you know who this is!

Gnome sweet Gnome!

Zombie Snow White with the skulls from the seven dwarves!

Spinal Tap with the pod!

Mac Pro on the dance floor!

Remember the ’80s?

Devil child on the run!

The house, old man and boy from Up!

Spinal Tap group costume w/ pod, dancing dwarves, Stonehenge and +11 amp!

Retro sci-fi monsters and robots on the stage!

Found him!

Bath Pouf!

Spooky decorations that scream “Beetlejuice!”

Frankenstein mistakes me for his pet rabbit! Help!

Check out the full set of photos here:
Lucasfilm Halloween Party 2009 (via Flickr)

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