Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake!

Bonnie Burton | October 23, 2009

(501st Great Lakes Garrison troopers – Jon Leopold and Craig Provine guard the Tauntaun cake!)

(Photos by mod4)

Star Wars artist Chris Trevas let us know of this glorious Tauntaun cake for his wedding!

Julie and I had Courtney Clark from Cake Nouveau of Food Network Challenge (and TLC Ultimate Cake-Off) fame do our wedding cakes including a special cake request from me — Luke Skywalker stuffed inside a dead Tauntaun!

It was certainly one of the talks of the wedding evening. Older relatives were a bit confused, but the kids and our friends loved it!

Courtney did an amazing job! My wife Julie and I are big Food Network nerds so we were geeked to hire her.

As further proof of what cake nerds we are, my only big non-Star Wars job I did last year was artwork for the Ace of Cakes book just released this month.

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