Found on Ebay: 1978 Star Wars Knock-offs

Pete Vilmur | October 6, 2009


I have to admit, I have a weakness for early Star Wars knock-off items, as my sporadic posting of such pieces here will prove. It’s pretty rare to come across early examples of toys that were directly inspired by Star Wars but unsanctioned by Lucasfilm, and even more rare to come across toys I’ve never seen. Happily, in the rich universe of Star Wars collecting, you never know what you’re gonna find on the dark side of Yavin’s fourth moon.


What makes this set so interesting, aside from its obvious flirtation with infringement, is the accessories each figure comes packaged with. In addition to “Vader’s” space sword, gun, and shield, he gets an interchangeable mechanical arm. Ok, not a stretch. But how about the C-3PO knock-off — a “TV Camera” and “TV Walkie Talkie”? The quasi-Wookiee is also endowed with a mechanical arm and TV walkie talkie, along with a somewhat pointless “Space Pack”. Don’t even get me started on the space sword and pistol the astro-quack gets.




Check out the few examples of loose and mint-on-card figures currently posted at eBay.


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