Food from The Clone Wars Season 2 Press Junket Team | September 22, 2009

Reporting about Season Two of The Clone Wars is exciting and fun, but that also means a lot of hungry reporters need to be fed before they can all demo LucasArts games, chat with cast and crew, and get their photos taken with Cad Bane!

Leave it to the creative Lucasfilm Animation chefs at Big Rock Ranch to not only make tasty Gungan and roast Bantha sandwiches, Palpatine pizzas, and Wookiee cookies, but they also showed off their artistic decorating skills with fancy Cad Bane cookies complete with evil red glittery eyes. Who knew bounty hunters tasted so good?

Here’s a selection of photos directly from the food line. Nom Nom Nom!

Check out more photos here:
Clone Wars Season 2 Press Junket Photos

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