Russell Brand’s AT-AT Bird Sanctuary Team | September 14, 2009

We’ve previously reported about the makeshift AT-AT aviary for injured birds British actor and comedian Russell Brand made as a child and fondly wrote about in his memoir My Booky Wook, but here he is chatting about it with comedian Dawn French:

What kind of kid were you?

Insular. Unusual. I found it difficult to form relationships with people. Mostly I would prefer to make a relationship with a baby bird or perhaps a newt. Over the road from the street I grew up there was a chalk mine and army barracks all disused and overgrown. I would go over there and liberate bird fledglings from the tyranny of their bird parents. “You can’t be brought up by these idiot birds I’ll bring you up in the back of an AT-AT walker” — my Star Wars thing. And they died always, very quickly. It’s really hard to keep a baby bird alive.”

WATCH VIDEO: Russell Brand Interview
(He mentions the AT-AT at around 5:40)

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