Operation Olivia Deadline Approaching!

StarWars.com Team | September 1, 2009

dl_olivia_img.jpgTime’s running out, and Olivia Munn is counting on you to pitch a Star Wars fan movie by 12 noon PST on September 3!  Some who have entered already are strong  with  the  Force. Others… well, not so much. Now is the time for the rest of you to enter, or enter again (you can submit up to three pitch videos). So show Olivia your Jedi filmmaking skills! Here’s how:

Step 1: Make a pitch video. Tell Olivia about your idea for a short, funny Star Wars fan movie, and why you’re the right person to make it. Get creative and keep it under 5 minutes.

Step 2: Enter the contest by sharing your video on the Operation Olivia site. If you don’t want to pitch, at least post comments about which pitches suck, and which don’t.

Step 3: Olivia will greenlight one idea she finds hilarious, and appropriately geeky. Winner gets a $5,000 Atom.com production budget, and Olivia as one of the stars of the film. So start pitching!

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