Best Wookiee Prom Ever Team | August 28, 2009

(Art by Tom Hodges)

Nothing is more exciting than watching a talented artist do their thing right in front of you. If you’re lucky enough to go to a comic book convention where there’s an artist alley, you can pretty much trade cash for the illustration of your dreams.

This weekend, you can watch Star Wars artist Tom Hodges sketch like a mad man online and chat with him while he draws during his 24-hour live “Draw-A-Thon.”

If you like to watch artists turn a plain piece of paper into a masterpiece, check out Hodges on streaming video this weekend.

WATCH LIVE VIDEO: Tom Hodges Draw-A-Thon

Get more details here:
Tom Hodges 24-hour LIVE Draw-A-Thon.

(Art by Tom Hodges)


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