What If Venture Bros. and Clone Wars Writers Swapped Places?

Bonnie Burton | August 25, 2009

We’ve reported before about the awesome Star Wars references in the Venture Bros. animated series on Adult Swim. However, our blogger friends over at io9.com take the idea even further and ponder the idea of how much more different The Clone Wars and Venture Bros. would be if their writing staffs switched shows!

What would happen if you turned the Lucasfilm writers loose on the Venture Bros., and let the Venture staff have a crack at The Clone Wars?

The main difference between these shows, says io9 writer Graeme McMillan, is that the Venture Bros. writers are deeply bitter whereas The Clone Wars‘ writers are, at their heart, very sincere.

So maybe if the Venture Bros. writers got to take a turn writing The Clone Wars, you’d immediately have more weird pop-culture humor. But you’d also get more investigation into the bitterness that’s just under the surface of the Star Wars universe — the fact that Anakin is a jerk who’s destined to become the scourge of the galaxy.

Plus the fact that the clone army is made up of helpless slaves. All of the characters in Clone Wars would become a lot more neurotic, and the clones would become like the Venture Bros.‘ henchmen. Inevitably, the show would start pointing to more of the darkness in its premise, but also poking fun at it — and it might become like a better written version of Robot Chicken: Star Wars along the way. Plus, it would be fantastic to see what the Venture Bros. scribes would do with Anakin.

Meanwhile, if The Clone Wars staff came over to Venture Bros., that show would become much more of a straightforward action-adventure show — it might become a bit like Johnny Quest, even. But we’d also suddenly see a lot more weird politics, and the show would start showing us different factions scheming and intriguing against each other.

There might be less resolution in each episode — which is saying something, considering how little resolution Venture Bros. already gives us. And a revamped Venture Bros. would start giving us morals at the end of each episode, like “Remember, Brock, Sometimes violence ISN’T the answer.”

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