That’s No Moon! It’s a Death Star Cake!

Bonnie Burton | August 25, 2009

Why have a traditional cake when you can celebrate your birth with a symbol of something that wiped out Princess Leia’s home planet?

Our fave geektastic blogger Great White Snark finds another fab Star Wars cake and writes:

Take this “fondant and our Strawberries Chantilly flavor” Star Wars Death Star cake by the perennially-talented Rick Reichart of Cakelava Bakery, for example. This cake by far presents the best representation of the Empire’s battle station I’ve yet seen.

This Death Star birthday cake was made for Andrew, a 6-year old whose parents started a tradition of ordering a sculpted cake each year for his birthday based on what he’s into.

This year it was Star Wars. In our initial contact with the client she explained: “…having a sculpted birthday cake has been a tradition of ours that I would like to uphold – I know it’s excessive for a 6-year-old, but the cakes are so beautiful and they always represent a ‘stage of life’ for our son and what he is really into that year (his cake last year was Racer X from Speedracer!)”

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