Cheap Cantina Aliens Look Awesome Team | August 20, 2009

One of the most beloved scenes of A New Hope is when Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi look around the Cantina for a suitable pilot and we all get an eye-full of crazy-looking aliens enjoying their ale. recently blogged about their favorite non-CGI aliens. Of course, Greedo and Cantina aliens make the list!

Weirdly, later live-action Star Wars movies have never featured aliens that felt as interesting and lively as the first glimpse we got in that Cantina scene. Of course, we’ve already exposited about our love for Greedo, but all of the quick glimpses of aliens in this scene have a liveliness that makes you feel like they’re each the star of a cool story. Not bad for an underdog film with a tiny $8.5 million budget (not much even in 1977) whose crew was busy trashing the set and making fun of the Wookiee costume.

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