Star Wars Bedrooms: AT-AT Loft! Y-wing Bed!

Bonnie Burton | August 12, 2009

Star Wars fans are a crafty bunch, and when they make over a room to celebrate their love for the saga, they don’t mess around. Just this week, two separate extreme Star Wars rooms popped up on blogs inspiring us all to do something more with our ordinary living spaces.

Y-wing Bed:
Sure we’ve all daydreamed about flying in the cockpit of our very own Y-wing, but why not sleep in one? Check out more photos here.

AT-AT Loft:
Or perhaps you want to sleep knowing that your bed can take you to the far reaches of Hoth? Check out this video and tutorial on how to make your own Imperial Walker Loft Bed.

SOURCES: Gizmodo, Instructables, Club Jade

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