Comic-Con 2009: Robot Chicken/Titan Maximum Team | August 4, 2009

(Writer/actor Breckin Meyer discusses the benefits of the Robot Chicken Skate Party with co-creator Seth Green.)

As a fan-favorite panel of San Diego Comic-Con International, Robot Chicken has plenty of laughs, inside jokes, unexpected disruptions (one by me), and exclusive clips. This year was no exception. The cast and crew were on hand to chat about the Robot Chicken Skate Party, upcoming skits, as well as give fans a sneak peek at their new sci-fi show, Titan Maximum, which debuts on Adult Swim this September.

On the Robot Chicken/Titan Maximum panel: Doug Goldstein (co-head writer), Chris McKay (director), Breckin Meyer (writer and voice actor), Seth Green (co-creator, writer and voice actor), Matthew Senreich (co-creator of Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum), Tom Root (Robot Chicken writer, producer, director and voice actor and co-creator of Titan Maximum), Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken writer and director), Mike Fasolo (Robot Chicken writer), Dan Milano (Robot Chicken writer and voice actor; also puppeteer of Greg the Bunny)

Here’s a few highlights from the panel:

On Robot Chicken Skate Party:
Seth and Breckin gave their infomercial attempt at talking up the awesome Robot Chicken Skate Party which is coming to a town near you. It’s a free, all-ages party that’s first-com, first serve. But if you purchase the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 2 DVD there’s an early entry voucher in every one that will get you into the line that gets you into the skate party an hour early.

On Titan Maximum:
Titan Maximum is their version of a giant robot fighting force. It’s an intergalactic police force of five components that form into one large indestructible component called Titan Maximum.
Tom Root: “We’ll have these characters flying these ships that look as stupid as possible, and then they’ll form into a giant robot and be as destructive as possible.”
Matt Senreich: “It’s about these teenagers who are defending the universe. And what would that really be like if we told Paris Hilton to defend the universe?”
Seth Green: “You have a princess, you have an animal, you’ve got an overweight dude, you’ve got a nerd. How are these people going to defend the galaxy against super robots and monsters?”
Tom Root: “Tune in and find out.”

On censored skits that never aired:
During Season 1 of Robot Chicken, the writers came up with the Tooth Fairy sketch and the network was convinced it would be the sketch that shut the whole network down. But once it aired, it was so awesome that they said they would never question us again.

On the chance of doing any spoofs on games like Gears of War:
Seth: “Maybe.”

(Seth and Matt talk Titan)

On whether Robot Chicken will be on hiatus during production of Titan Maximum:
Seth: “We shoot Robot Chicken for 11 months for 20 episodes. And then we take a break in between seasons. As we shoot the physical production, we’re editing and doing the effects, and that’s when Titan will overlap. So right now we’re in full swing in production on Titan. So the truth is that we really don’t have a hiatus. We just keep working all the time. So we hope you guys like it.”

On their favorite episodes:
Boba in the Sarlaac Pit, Voltron breakdancing, Arkham Asylum/Shawshank parody, 1776, Gummy Bears sketch, Law & Order KFC, Star Trek Opera, Grand Theft Auto Mario Bros.

On how they get their sketch ideas:
There’s a board where they write all their ideas down, and then there’s a “brutal” voting process. They try to come up with ideas, but sometimes they’ll all be thinking the same thing; like when someone brought in a box of Girl Scout cookies then all of a sudden there were 18 sketches about Girl Scout cookies. Since all of them grew up in the ’80s all the questions they had as kids come up as ideas.

On possibly doing an entire episode featuring Boba Fett and Admiral Ackbar ala Perfect Strangers:
Breckin: “I think it’s fun in doses. But Ackbar is my favorite character.”
Seth: “A lot of our artists in the shop customized a bunch of those Mighty Muggs (like the Ackbar Cereal) that you can see at the Star Wars Pavilion. And they are amazing.”

On The Empire Muggs Back:
I accidentally disrupted the Q&A session by giving another shout out to the Robot Chicken model making team from Shadow Machine for donating their time and talents to The Empire Muggs Back charity art show. Watch the video here.

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