Comic-Con 2009: Preview Night is Tonight! Team | July 22, 2009

Though the first “official” day of Comic-Con International isn’t till Thursday, Wednesday is known as Preview Night, an extra bonus day that is usually the uncontested domain of hardcore collectors seeking out exclusives and first looks at the wares debuting on the floor. With Star Wars, it’s no different. Check out this Flickr set throughout the night to see some of the excitement of Comic-Con Eve.

Here are some highlights:

Sideshow’s bad-ass Yoda is spearing through an Order 66-following 501st clone trooper.

Hasbro is turning the YVH droid from The New Jedi Order into a build-a-figure.

StarWarsShop’s display case of exclusives includes a prototype of their clever lightsaber bookends.

Hasbro is making Willrow Hood! The “Ice Cream Maker Guy” from Empire!

The Del Rey booth in the Star Wars Pavilion includes this incredible first look at the cover of next year’s The Making of The Empire Strikes Back. Foreword by Ridley Scott? Oh fanboy heaven!

Abrams Books and Acme is teasing something called Star Wars Visions. Intriguing…

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