Conan O’Brien Jokes About Vader Toaster Team | July 14, 2009

Fans everywhere have already known about the epic Darth Vader Toaster for awhile now, but we’re still pretty thrilled that Star Wars fan and The Tonight Show host — Conan O’Brien — joked about it on his show Friday night.

O’Brien also did a weird nerd impression which seems rather ironic since it wasn’t that long ago O’Brien himself geeked out while visiting Lucasfilm and ILM. We’re on to you, O’Brien! We know you’re a fellow Star Wars geek, so don’t bother hiding it.

“Not making this up, the creators of Star Wars have invented the Darth Vader toaster that burns an image of into each piece of toast it makes. That’s true! The instructions say once it’s made users should spread the toast with their self-hate and shame.”

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