Chipmunk the Co-Pilot? Team | July 1, 2009

(Photo and Chipmunk Wrangling by Chris McVeigh)

Here’s a new photo from our favorite chipmunk wrangler and photographer Chris McVeigh! This time we see his live chipmunk model Molly hanging out with Han Solo on video as well! This must have been way before Han crossed paths with Chewbacca.

McVeigh writes:

Molly — like any other chipmunks I’ve worked with — is highly motivated. Once she knows that there are almonds available, she will make trip after to trip until either she gets tired or I run out of almonds.

This video shows you just how fast this process can be. I have only eight seconds (or so) to take pictures while she collects the almonds and stores them in her cheeks. Getting the focus and depth of field just right is always a challenge, and to make sure I get the shot I want I will usually shoot multiple times with different F-stops and ISOs.

Originally, I wanted to have her emerging from the Millennium Falcon, but as robust as the new toy is, the ramp is still too small to accommodate a fat little chipmunk.

WATCH VIDEO: Molly Chipmunk is Worst Co-pilot Ever

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