How to Woo a Nerdy Girl

Bonnie Burton | June 25, 2009

Dating is never easy, but sometimes you get a few helpful molecules of info that helps spark the romance. Liz at The Park Bench Blog is right on the mark about where to find nerdy gals, what they like, what they collect and what might just impress them. So if you’re single and looking to woo a geeky/nerdy girl these tips will come in handy. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Here’s a couple of our faves:

Tip #2: It helps to look like this guy:

Tip #7: Know your pop culture references.

Know the complete works of the Nerd Holy Trinity: Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams and Peter Jackson. Know that Nathan Fillion will always be on your girl’s “freebie” list. When she goes to church and thanks God that Robert Downey Jr. survived the 1980′s so he could play Iron Man, say “Amen” right alongside her. And for the love of all that is sacred and holy, do not EVER get Star Wars and Star Trek confused: one has Wookiees, one has Shatner, it’s not that hard.

Tip #9: Embrace her collectibles.

That is not a euphemism for something pervy. It’s just a fact. When you walk into her apartment for the first time and notice a glass cabinet filled with a miniature TARDIS, a sombrero-wearing Giles, a 17-inch Han Solo and a two-foot long replica of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, do not say, “What the hell is all this stuff?” Instead say, “What the hell? Why don’t you have MORE of this stuff? And may I mail order something for you?”

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