Tatooine 2009

StarWars.com Team | June 10, 2009


Frequent starwars.com contributor Gus Lopez recently posted some captivating photos of a trip to the Star Wars filming sites in Tunisia, including the Skywalker homestead, Mos Eisley environs, and Obi-Wan’s house, among others. What makes these so compelling is how Gus has matched up the original screenshot from A New Hope with the new images — head on over and take a look! (Incidentally, The National recently shared another fan’s experience of several of the Star Wars locales in Tunisia as well).

While checking out Gus’ photostreams, you also may want to check out a couple very cool items he’s got showcased in another image series — a 1979 cast and crew goblet issued by the Finse hotel that housed the production for The Empire Strikes Back, and an actual Hoth Rebel headpiece prop (wow!).

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