Remodel Darth Vader’s Kitchen

Bonnie Burton | June 10, 2009

Constructing a Death Star is no easy feat, but imagine how hard it is to remodel a kitchen after the Rebel Alliance trashed it! Now imagine what that work order request would look like. Darth Vader isn’t the easiest client to please, so he’s posted some requirements on for contractors who dare to take on the task.

And to those contractors who want something a little extra for their work, you’re in luck. Destruction of the Rebel planet of your choice for the manager who comes in under budget and ahead of schedule. Plus Ewoks for your kids!

Here’s a few of the tasks we liked best:

Force-proof dishwasher and blender. Hardware must be solidly secured in case of use of Force. If the Boss gets mad, staff would prefer nothing can be ripped off the walls by his temper tantrum.

Non-droid self cleaning sinks. Since they’re getting sarcastic as the war against the Rebels progresses.

Refrigerators that double as hibernation units. Freezer combos to be installed on farthest wall from entry way. Bonuses to be granted to any contractor who can find units that double as hibernation units.

Read the full work order here:
Darth Vader Kitchen Remodel (via


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