Los Angeles Steam Plant Responsible for Obliterating Alderaan

Pablo Hidalgo | June 8, 2009

Most people peg the retro blinking lights and switcher lever seen in A New Hope’s Death Star control room as belonging to some sort of video production facility. An intrepid fan, however, found the Death Star control room in Los Angeles last Christmas, and snapped a bunch of reference photos for his Flickr account. Here’s what he’s got to say:

Last year I spent Christmas Eve joining a friend of mine at his work party at his steam plant near LAX.  One of the control rooms of the plant also happened to be used as the set for the Superlaser Fire Control Room on the first Death Star!  I just posted some photos from my tour.  Not much has changed there in the past 30+ years.


Check out the ominous blinkiness over at this link here!

Get hopping, diorama builders! This is valuable reference material.

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