Found on eBay: $1,000 Star Wars Lunchbox

Pete Vilmur | June 4, 2009


Well, not just any Star Wars lunchbox, mind you, but the super rare prototype R2-D2 lunchbox made by Thermos back in the late ’70s. This rare collectible, which just sold for $1,036 on eBay, is just one of a few examples known to exist and was briefly featured in our Star Wars for Lunch Turns 30″ story from a couple years ago. We wrote:

Emerging from the merchandising maelstrom of 1978 was an elusive prototype R2-D2 vinyl lunch kit produced by KST, and the few salesman samples that survive have become holy grail collectibles for more than a few Star Wars and lunchbox aficionados. Sporting a zipper closure, strap handle, and plastic dome top with soft vinyl body in the form of R2-D2, the reason for its stalled production is vague, but was probably due to the fragile vinyl hinge created when the kit’s dome was folded back. It was an ambitious design for KST, and speaks to the staying power of the Star Wars brand even a year after its release.

You can check out the original auction here and also get a brief history of Star Wars lunchboxes in our story here.

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