Star Wars at Maker Faire 2009 Team | June 3, 2009

Any convention that mixes R2-D2, Tesla coils, fire-breathing sculptures, a human-size mousetrap, art cars, unusual inventions and crafts is bound to have something for everyone.

Bay Area Maker Faire — May 30-31, 3009 — brought together craftsters, robot wranglers, science geeks, rocket builders, Burning Man artists, steampunks and more.

In addition to the Bay Area R2 Builders, Star Wars fans were treated to two days of craft tutorials. On Saturday, kid and adult fans alike spent the afternoon with making Ewok sock puppets. Over 100 Ewok sock puppets were made with a variety of googly eyes, pom pom noses, felt outfits and brown socks.

The next day, returned with another fun craft — Yoda stick puppets. With just a simple felt cut out of Yoda, his Jedi robe, googly eyes, and plastic chopsticks – kids created and customized their own Jedi master puppets.

Bay Area Maker Faire was a huge success complete with winning an Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon for Best Craft Tutorial!

Special thanks to craftster and friend Terri Hodges for all her help and creative know-how during the craft tutorials for Maker Faire.

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